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11 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Florida

1. Humidity – The humidity is an absolute high all year long, with the exception of a few months each year that we call winter. Embrace the humidity. The moist air will add a glow to your face and a frizz to your hair that will make you look just like everyone else. In all honesty, the Floridians barely feel it anymore and will pretend that they don’t know what you’re talking about if you bring it up. Don’t worry there is central air conditioning everywhere, so you’ll be protected most of the day.

2. The beach – there is a scientific equation that will figure out how often you will go to the beach when you live in Florida per year. B = the amount of times you go to the beach when you visit Florida now. Are you ready for this carefully researched formula? B x 0 = the amount of times you will go to the beach when you live in Florida. I know, I know, you don’t believe me. How could that number be right? Well, the first year that you live in Florida you will try to treat it like a vacation destination, which it is. However, by the second year that equation is true for most people. I know, you’re different….well, it would be great if you prove us wrong.

3. Food – the food in Florida is so diverse and delicious! You shouldn’t have a hard time finding great places to eat, and if you do make sure that you stop by our website. In the US, I think that New York, Georgia, and Florida have the best food this country has to offer. However, I may be a little biased.

4. Sunglasses – you will definitely need to invest in a pair or two. You can purchase cheap sunglasses that you don’t care about. These are nice to have in the car or around the house. You can wear nicer sunglasses when you go down by the beach [ lol ; )] or to a nice event [that’s more realistic]. Sunglasses will really help you adjust to the Florida style and extreme sunshine.

5. Runners – Every state has runners, but you may not have seen in it in this quanity. Floridians will run any time or place to keep their bodies healthy and ready for the beautiful weather. Don’t be surprised if you see runners in your car lane, at odd times in the night or morning, or holding up traffic.

6. Ducks – No, this is not a food section. Florida ducks are the king of the land. We yield to them at all times and even bow in their presence at times. They will purposely wait until they see you coming to cross the street and expect you to wait patiently for their entire family to cross. Don’t try to get too close in an effort to speed them up. Trust me, they know you won’t hurt them.

7. Jackets – Do not get rid of your jackets! Florida gets cold. Okay, cold is relative to the person. It gets cold enough for just enough days that your tang top, shirt, ad sweater will not be enough. However, just like everything else in Florida, the weather is tricky. Dress in layers because it may be very cold at 6 am, beaming hot by 2 pm, and cold again by 6 pm.

8. Umbrella – I know we call Florida the sunshine state, but we’ve been lying to you. It’s all a part of our marketing plan to get you to move here. It rains a lot in Florida, especially during the spring and summer season. Also, the time frame of the rain can range from 1 minute to 3 hours. Yes, I said one minute. We call those sun showers because the rain is so fast the clouds don’t even have time to cover the sun.

9. Flip Flops – Invest in some flip flops or we’ll know you don’t belong here. Flip flops to Floridians are cowboy boots to Texans, it is an essential part of life. From doing errands to going to a wedding, flip flops came be worn anywhere as long as they are clean and paired appropriately. There are beach flip flops, casual flip flops, sporty flip flops, and formal flip flops. Get with the program!

10. Mosquito – these animals should have an exhibit at the zoo. They are large and after your blood like a dehydrated vampire. Although, I barely get bit by mosquitoes. However, when I do they are at the oddest spots on my body and always after it has been raining. So, if it has rained in the last few days or you can visibly see puddles on the floor, make sure that you put on your mosquito spray because the mosquito baby boom is on its way.

11. Buying a home – This is a loaded category. If you’re coming from New York or California, you’ll think that you just hit the jackpot because you can get so much square footage for a lower price. However, if you’re coming from Southern States, you may think we’re crazy because Florida is more expensive than Georgia and the Carolinas.

So, are you ready to move? ; )

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