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The Tuck Room: Revolutionizing the Food Experience

The expression "dinner and a movie" has definitely changed over the years. The Tuck Room has taken the food experience and revolutionized it into something cool, convenient, and enchanting. The Tuck Room opened in December 2015. It is a lounge located in North Miami Beach and it has partnered with Ipic theaters. So, if you want an evening out with your special someone, friends, or family, The Tuck Room offers great drinks, shareable plates, and unique desserts. Also, if you're in the mood for a movie, but you want the high quality food of a restaurant you can order from a special Tuck Room menu! The days of eating bland, precooked movie theater food are over.

Maybe The Tuck Room has created an illusion, but one minute I was in the parking lot of a typical North Miami Beach plaza and the next minute I was walking into a dimly lit lounge, with really cool art on the wall, and great music playing in the background. I quickly forgot where I was, and I almost felt like I had stumbled on a speakeasy of great food, drinks, and music. Why haven't I heard of this place?! To make matters worse, my husband is a huge movie fanatic and he was just as puzzled that he had missed out on a year of iPic movies paired with the food from The Tuck Room.

My husband and I started off with drinks. I ordered the "Illegalito" and he had the "Old Fashioned." Our drinks were really good! My drink is called "Illegalito" because it is the love child of a passion fruit mojito and a fresh pina colada, spiked with Bicardi Maestro rum. It was rich, smooth, and delicious. My husband's drink was a concoction of choices. With the "Old Fashioned" you get to select your spirits, sweets, and bitters. Our server, Sade, chose the Temple Tom Rye, Pecan syrup, and Angus orange bitters for him. My husband loved it! I took a sip, let's just say it's definitely a "man's drink." It was strong and savory. We leaned back with our drinks, bobbed our heads to the music coming from the dj booth (mostly 90's r&b) and texted a few of our friends saying, "we found the BEST location for our next hang out."

For appetizers, we ordered "The Avocado" and the "Brioche Crusted Crab Cakes." "The Avocado" is similar to a loaded baked potato but an avocado is used instead. It was topped with shallot mousse, breadcrumbs, cotija cheese, and finger lime pearls. This was absolutely incredible! The toppings created an explosion in my mouth! The texture of the breadcrumbs and the kick of the lime pearls made me stop midway through my bite at the intensity of flavor in this entree. The "Brioche Crusted Crab Cake" is not your typical crab cake. It comes with a citrus salad a vinaigrette sauce. My husband devoured this appetizer.

For dinner, I ordered the shrimp tacos and my husband ordered the grilled beef tenderloin skewers. The chef has to be a creative genius because the flavors in my taco popped in my mouth. It

was soooo good! It had red morita chile, avocado, creme fraiche, and onions. It also came with tortilla chips and a guacamole dip. I couldn't get enough! My husband's grilled beef tenderloin skewers were very juicy and tender. He said that it tasted like someone was in the back on a grill making his food. He also raved about the asparagus that accompanied the skewers. Who raves about asparagus?!

For dessert, I ordered the "Carmelized Apple Pot Pie" without the caramel topping. If you like a really sweet dessert, then keep the dessert as it is. Once again, this dessert was like no other that I have ever seen. It came with a flaky crust coming out of a circular bowl. Within the bowl, was warm fresh market apples. I made sure that each bite had some crust, apples, and ice cream. I loved it! My husband ordered the "Banana Split Tart (featured in the picture on the left)." It came with bruleed bananas, a linzer cookie, banana praline ice cream, chocolate sauce, and maple walnuts. My husband really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I don't like bananas in my dessert, so I cannot provide too much feedback.

Extra information: Sade is the best server ever! She is patient and helps you find a dish that you will love!

The outside portion of the restaurant is great for events/parties and they already have a dj!

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! The food is top notch and the ambiance is relaxed and chic. It was such an awesome experience that my husband wanted to go back the next day! We have told many of our friends about it and we plan on putting it on the list as one of our hang out spots. Email me at contactus@thefloridapalate.com if you have specific questions or comments.

Extra information: http://www.thetuckroom.com/menu-miami/

3701 NE 163rd St, North Miami Beach, FL 33160

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