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Home2UVacation: Wonder Woman Vacation Home

Orlando is one of Florida's top destinations. Florida residents, US tourists, and International travelers travel to Orlando like herds of cattle looking to feed the child within us, for the Disney experience, and for the magical moments that only seems to happen in Central Florida. It could be the theme parks, the culture, the food, or even the museums; whatever the reason may be Orlando has become a favorite destination location for people across the globe.

When visiting Orlando, lodging options are vast. The options include resorts, hotels, camping, and vacation homes. Orlando has more resort and hotel options than most cities, and it has great prices for very nice accommodations. There are camp grounds for sleeping outdoors from as simple as a tent to as luxurious as a "glamping" suite with all of the accommodations of a hotel. Vacation homes are another great option. Unfortunately, I just started staying in vacation homes in the last two years because I assumed that it would be expensive, not provide me with the luxury of a resort, and make me feel like I was still at home.

On my last visit to Orlando, I stayed at a Home2UVacation home. This vacation home definitely punctured a hole in every myth that I had believed about vacation homes. Home2UVacation has vacation homes all over Orlando, and I'm excited about staying in a few more.

My husband and I needed a break from the hustle and bustle of our work life, and Orlando is a great place to unwind. So, we cleared our scheduled and hit the road. The vacation home that we chose was in a gated community called "Sonoma Resort." The community is very new with a few homes still under construction. Since it is so new, there are beautiful homes on every street and around each corner.

When we arrived at the home, it looked exactly like the picture I had seen online. As we all know, online pictures are not always what they appear to be. However, in this case the house looked even more grand in person. Home2UVacation provided us with a folder with all of the information that we would need to know for the home (the front door code, alarm code, check-in and check out instructions, etc.). I punched in the door code and tried my best to stay focused on turning off the alarm, but my eyes danced around the room as I tried to capture every detail.

My husband and I walked through the house like we were the first two guests on MTV's "The Real World" looking for the best room in the house. I'll share some thoughts about each room with you:

Playroom (first floor; immediately to the left when you open the front door)- This room is well quipped with games, a flat screen television, and lounge chairs.

Kitchen/Eating Area (first floor, overlooking the backyard) - The kitchen is immaculate, inviting, and feels very open. The appliances are modern. There is an island with casual seating and an eating area with a well-decorated formal dining table.

Family Room (first floor, adjacent to the kitchen) - The family has a comfortable sectional, extra chair, and a flat screen television with cable. The furniture is fairly new and is very comfortable.

Garage - (immediately to the right when you open the front door) very clean two car garage. The garage lifts up manually.

Patio/Pool - (first floor, outdoor pool) The patio has furniture to relax outside. The pool is a pretty nice size, and a gate has been placed for the safety of children.

5 Bedrooms (one bedroom on the first floor, four bedrooms upstairs) - The bedrooms are very large and well decorated. There are two master bedrooms upstairs. I honestly would of been content in any room. However, my favorite rooms were the black, red, and white master bedroom upstairs because it was breathtaking and the solo bedroom downstairs because the decorations are so tranquil and it leads directly to the pool.

5 Bathrooms(one bathroom on the first floor, four bathrooms upstairs) - The bathrooms upstairs by the master bedrooms are huge! Even the other bathrooms are spacious.

Experience: I really enjoyed my time at the vacation home. It was nice to be in a large home instead of a hotel room. I loved hanging out in the family room after a long day out and about in Orlando, having a large fridge to place leftovers, and having the privacy of a home to create your own memories. For large families, this set up is more practical financially and the family can enjoy the vacation together.

Cleanliness: The house is very clean. I felt comfortable lying on the beds and lounging on the couch. The owners even leave towel animals on the bed and use the toilet tissue to make decorations when you first use the toilet tissue roll.

Price: Of course, the price varies by season. However, you will definitely get a better deal for your family by staying in a Home2UVacation home instead of most luxury resorts/hotel.

Quality: The quality of the appliances, furniture, and mattress was standard. I was pleased with the home and I didn't have any complaints.

Extra information: There is a laundry room upstairs with an iron and ironing board. There are extra blankets in the closet. There are only two televisions in the home, one in the game room and the other is in the family room downstairs.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! I have shared it on our social media pages because I want you to be able to have great vacations.

Please email me if you have any specific questions - contactus@thefloridapalate.com

Please email Antonio if you would like to book the home - antonio@home2uvacation.com Tell him you heard about it at The Florida Palate!

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