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Mijana Lebanese Cuisine: An Authentic Middle East Experience

Mijana Lebanese Cuisine is a restaurant that will transport you to the Middle East. The ambiance, food, and atmosphere is so unique. I truly felt like I was able to taste a piece of the Lebanese culture while dining there. Gulfstream Park (Hallandale, FL) is known for having great restaurants, however if you're looking for something less commercial and out of your usual palate, a stop at Mijana is in order.

Mijana Lebanese Cuisine's indoor portion of the restaurant is absolutely breathtaking. It has Moroccan colors, tall vases, and the most exquisite lights draping from the ceilings. However, I have been there twice and I have skipped the cosmetic appeal of the indoors to be able to sit on their outdoor covered terrace. Outside, I was able to enjoy the Lebenese culture while sneaking a peak of the horses being walked in the Gulfstream arena, observe people walking by, and get some Florida sunshine.

Once seated at the table, my husband and I ordered some drinks. The drinks here are amazing! We've had the Moscow Mule and the Manga Manga Martini. Both of these drinks are divine, but my favorite is the Moscow Mule. I'm not sure if it's my Caribbean background that craves the lime juice and the mint or if they just know how to make the best blend on Earth. However, I can honestly say that Mijana Lebanese Cuisine makes the best moscow mule that I have ever had! The Ketal One Vodka, fresh lime juice and ginger beer have enough flavor to make you pucker your lips, but its refreshing enough to make you want to say, "ahhhh" after each sip. They also use real mint leaves in their drink so I'm sure that the smell of the mint creates an even tastier flavor. The Manga Manga Martini was pretty good too. It's made from Ciroc Mango Vodka, fresh mango, and lime juice. It's an orange drink that comes with a cherry at the bottom to add some color. It's sweet and refreshing and I would definitely order it again.

My favorite part of the the Mijana Lebanese Cuisine experience is when the server brought out the pita bread. It's steaming hot and fresh every time. It taste like a little old lady is in the back placing her years of wisdom and love into each piece. It comes with a sauce for dipping called za'atar. However, I love to dip it right into olive oil.

For the main entree, we have had the Mijana Sea Bass Filet, the Grilled Jumbo Shrimp, and the lamb chops. They were all great dishes. However, the grilled jumbo shrimp was my favorite. It was mouth watering and just incredible!

The sea bass was served with cilantro, tomato, onion, garlic, spicy seasonings, and your choice of rice or burgol (a high protein option).

Sometimes I'm reluctant to order shrimp in restaurants because it may be small, taste frozen, or even not have the texture that I prefer. However, Mijana Lebanese Cuisine knows how to make grilled shrimp! Their shrimp are large in size, seasoned well, and taste like they were caught upon order.

My husband ordered the lamb chops and he loved them! I only got one bite, but I can say that it was extremely juicy and tender. I don't think that you can really go wrong with any of the dishes here. So, explore, try something new, and enjoy!

The staff is very hospitable and patient while explaining the menu. They make you feel like a part of the Mijana family right from the beginning. I haven't had a chance to see their Lebanese show on the weekends, but I have heard that it is very entertaining. Check out this video to learn more about the restaurant:

Extra Information: There is a free parking lot directly to the South of the restaurant.

Would I recommend it: Definitely, I went with my husband the first time and returned with my parents and in-laws the following week! The food is fresh, healthy, and filled with flavor. Take your children, take a date, or even go as a large group. There is something for everyone.

Address: 801 Silks Run, #1585, Village of Gulfstream Park, Hallandale Beach

Contact: 954-404-7423, mijana.us

Hours: Monday-Thursday 11:30 a.m.-midnight, Friday and Saturday 11:30 a.m.-2 a.m.

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