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Rok:Brgr - It's Not Your Typical Burger Joint

Rok:Brgr is definitely not your typical burger joint. It's an American gourmet burger establishment that host premium meats, fine liquor/craft drinks, and an atmosphere that welcomes sports fans, families, and couples ready to have a great experience.

My husband and I visited the Delray Beach location on the renowned E Atlantic Ave. As we walked on the "Ave" I felt the energy and buzz of Delray Beach. When we approached the restaurant, we were greeted by a very friendly hostess. We sat outside in their foyer and realized that we were already falling for Rok: Brgr. The outside area is almost as well thought out and planned as the Rok:Brgr menu, encompassing beautiful greenery, light bulbs on a string cascading in rows across the open roof, and an urban vibe that makes the restaurant have a form of edginess.

We started off with some very unique drinks. My husband ordered the "Black Diamond Margarita." I ordered the "Honey Rosemary Lemonade." The "Black Diamond Margarita" was divine. It has Maestro Dobel Diamante Tequila, black cherry puree, agave nectar, and fresh lime juice. It normally comes with a black sea salt rim, but my husband likes to hold the salt on his margaritas. Of course, you know I had to try it. It was so smooth and the agave nectar gave it a hint of sweetness. The "Honey Rosemary Lemonade" was another good option. It has barrel aged rosemary, whiskey, fresh squeezed lemon, soda (usually sprite), and a rosemary sprig. Be careful, it's not your grandmother's lemonade. It comes with a kick, but this one is worth it!

For our starters, we had the "Tuna Poke Tacos," the "Lobster Corn Dog," and the "Goat Cheese Quesadillas." There were so many great options, and as you can see the appetizers are so different from what we normally see on a starter list. The "Tuna Poke Tacos" are made with ahi tuna, avocado, sesame, spicy mayo, and topped off with seaweed. The softness of the tuna and the contrast of the crunchy taco is a great blend of textures. The "Lobster Corn Dog" is definitely a refinement of a childhood favorite. It looks like a traditional corn dog on the outside, but your first bite will tell you otherwise. It's really filled with lobster and it taste yummy, especially when you dip it in the honey mustard sauce that comes with it. I was reluctant to taste the last appetizer because I really don't like goat cheese. Okay, so that's being polite. I cannot stand the smell, taste, or consistency. So, instead of acting like a five year old with a finicky palate, I decided to try it. So, you should be just as surprised as me when I tell you that not only did I like the "Goat Cheese Quesadillas," but it was one of my favorite appetizers that night. The quesadillas are made with truffle oil, balsamic glaze, and local honey. Then, they are topped with arugula. I'm not sure if it was the mixture of the goat cheese and the honey, but this was unlike any goat cheese entree that I have ever had. You can taste the high quality of the goat cheese and breads used to make this delectable starter.

Before our main entree, we tried the "Quinoa and Kale" salad. I could literally have eaten this salad as a meal all by itsself. It had crunch, hints of sweetness, and lots of color! It is made with sunflower seeds, mandarin oranges, cranberries, butternut squash, shaved parmesan, and honey lemon vinaigrette.

You can't go to Rok:Brgr without trying the burgers. We tasted three different burgers. Trust me, you can't go wrong with any of them. We were blown away by the unique ingredients used to make each burger. My favorite burger of the night was the "Aristocrat." It came with the creamy brie cheese, smoked pepper bacon, and blood orange marmalade. I never thought about putting marmalade on a burger before, but believe me....it works. It reminded me of the cheese and marmalade platters often shared in French restaurants. Either way, it's a definite winner. My next favorite burger was the "Truffle Shuffle." It's toppings are a combination of caramelized onions, baby Swiss cheese, exotic mushrooms, and black truffles. This was another yummy treat! My last burger was of the "Drunken Pretzel." It has aged Vermont cheddar, house made beer mustard, a fried onion ring, and a Pretzel bun.

Extra information: There are other locations in Fort Lauderdale, Hallandale , South Miami, and (coming soon) Doral. They offer an amazing brunch on the weekends. I would definitely recommend the chicken and waffles and french toast lollipops. YUM YUM! Don't forget to get a stub to validate your valet parking.

Would I recommend it: Of course! I love the creativity and innovation behind their menu. They're not just creating new dishes, but they're appealing to the palate; especially The Florida Palate.

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