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HighFive Frozen Yogurt: Winner of the "People's Choice" Award for the best frozen yogu

We searched the state for the best frozen yogurt in Florida. We posted online, drove from city to city, and listened to all of the votes on our webpage. However, one frozen yogurt location's loyal community made their voices loud and clear as they voted diligently for "HighFive" frozen yogurt until they were in the lead by a landslide.

With such committed customers, I couldn't wait to learn more about this frozen yogurt location and the small town of Mount Dora, Florida. Once I spoke to the manager, Leslie Ann, I immediately felt the greatest amount of warmth and hospitality over the phone, and she peaked my interest even more! We were both excited about my trip, and we looked forward to meeting each other.

When I finally arrived in Mount Dora, it felt like such a quaint town where everyone knows each other's name. It seemed like a place where you raise a family, leave your bicycle on the lawn and forget about it, and grow up with a strong value system. It was really picturesque.

When I arrived at "HighFive" for my tasting, Leslie Ann was talking to a few people as they were hanging out at the yogurt store. She greeted me with a big smile and gave me a tour of the store. The store has "HighFive Your Life" written across the wall. As evident as it seems, I never thought about the meaning behind the name of the restaurant. The owners called the restaurant "HighFive" to celebrate all of the great moments in life. There are also pictures of the owners and their family cascaded throughout the restaurant. Each picture tells a great story or a "HighFive" moment in life.

The owners of "HighFive" are Gary Larson and Randy Larson. Gary came up with the idea for the restaurant while out on a trip in Utah. He used the premise of the Utah restaurant to help him create his vision in 2009. The Mount Dora location is one of three locations in existence. These fine owners are Christian, and they have utilized their value system to create restaurants that foster love for their staff and customers.

The "HighFive" family is very active in the community. They support the school system and children in their local area, and they hope to find more ways to give back to the community.

The Mount Dora "HighFive" location does very well partly because they have custom flavors, offer custard and non-dairy options, and they listen to their customer's preferences. However, if their customers felt half of the hospitality that I felt when I walked into "HighFive," I'm sure that they're coming back for more than just the frozen yogurt. The most popular flavors at "HighFive" are the sea salt caramel, cookies and cream, and standard flavors. The custard and non-dairy options are also a hit because they aren't typically found at local frozen yogurt locations.

The frozen yogurt at "HighFive" is light and tasty. They have an assortment of toppings and I left compelled to visit "HighFive" and the Mount Dora area again in the near future. On this trip, I came for the frozen yogurt but I was far more impressed by the family that I found within the store. Leslie Ann shared how much she enjoyed working at the store, mentoring her staff, and communicating with her customers. She mentioned that when her mother was ill, the owners were very flexible with giving her as much time as she needed to take care of her mother. Unfortunately, Leslie Ann's mother eventually passed away, but the owners adopted her into their family. They reassured her that they were praying for her and always made sure that she had support.

"HighFive" voters supported their favorite frozen yogurt location not only because the frozen yogurt taste good, but because the owners have found the formula on how to make the people around them feel great about themselves. Leslie Ann said it perfectly, "We are a family at "HighFive and we really care for each other. That's what's so important....it carries over to our guests. Hard days in our lives are filled with so many "HighFive" moments and sometimes we just have to look a little harder for them."

Congratulations once again to the "People's Choice" award for the best frozen yogurt in Florida. If you're in the Mount Dora area, in the mood for some frozen yogurt, or want to celebrate a "HighFive" moment in your life stop by "HighFive"frozen yogurt in Mount Dora!


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