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Secrets Cap Cana Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: The Newest Addition to the Family

The newest addition to the Secrets family is Secrets Cap Cana in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! You have probably realized it by now... I am in love with the Secrets hotel brand! They truly understand how to provide great food to meet a foodie's palate, entertainment and serenity to provide the best of both worlds on your vacation, and luxury that exceeds some of the finest resorts in the world. Once my husband and I heard that Secrets was opening a brand new hotel on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic, we were sold on the opportunity to meet this new family member.

Secrets Cap Cana is the long lost brother of the Secrets family. It has so many new and exciting characteristics, yet it is so much like the rest of the family that it offers the comfort of being at home in a Secrets resort. Secrets Cap Cana has many similarities to the Secrets and Dreams resorts in Mexico. The architecture and landscape has a Mexican flare found at the Secrets resorts and the lobby is very similar to the Dreams location near Cancun, Mexico. The restaurants at Cap Cana boast the same names as all of the other Secrets resorts. So, if you're familiar with the brand, you know what to expect at each restaurant. Familiarity can bring some form of solace because you have somewhat of an idea of the type of restaurants that you will encounter. Even though each restaurant carried the same name, the menus are not the same at each resort. The chefs are unique at each property and provide their own rendition of the restaurant theme being shared.

Service: From the moment you step onto the property, you are treated with the finest level of hospitality. The staff members greet you with their widest smile. Check-in is prompt and efficient. They understand that you want to get your vacation started as soon as possible. If you're in the preferred club you go to the "preferred" area of the resort and receive an even more attentive check-in, a review of the amenities that you receive as a preferred guest, and bar service while you check in.

A tour is given of the property on the way to your room. The resort is very open and easy to navigate. You can stand by the pool and see all of the restaurants at the resort. Also, you will quickly find other items in the nooks and crannies like the theater, spa, and gym. After the first day, we felt very familiar with most of our landmarks.

Room: We had the Oceanfront Junior Suite on the third floor. The room was very spacious and our view was incredible! The room is modern, and has every amenity that you can think of on vacation. There is a huge shower area with 3 nozzles of water. There is nothing better than coming back to the room and standing under the overhead shower. The water pressure is great and the water gets really hot; just the way I like it. The vanity has two sinks and there is lots of space to house all of your personal belongings. There is an outdoor jacuzzi to allow you to soak on your balcony while looking at your captivating view. Surprisingly, we never made it to the jacuzzi. On one of the nights, we came back to the room and it was filled with rose petals. Even the tub was covered in rose petals. I thought this was so romantic! However, it was way passed our bedtime so sleep beat romance that night.

I always share the good, bad, and in between. I did think that the mattress in the suite could of been more comfortable. I woke up with a few aches each morning. However, I have a sleep number bed at home so it is hard to compete with my mattress when I go on vacation. The resort has a pillow service that allows you to pick your pillow type for those that may enjoy a better night sleep with a different pillow.

Cleanliness: The hotel, like all Secrets resorts, is very clean! Our room was cleaned promptly each day and the staff does a great job of keeping the premises beautiful. The hotel room even has a switch to let the cleaning staff know when you're ready to have the room cleaned! I was so excited to see this because we didn't have to call the front desk before leaving the room or hope that someone cleaned our room while we were gone. This had to be the best cleaning service technique. that I have seen at any resort.

Beach: The beach at Secrets Cap Cana is breathtaking! The bright hues of blue and green were out of this world. The water is so shallow that you can walk to such a great distance and still stand up. It was actually odd when my husband and I went kayaking because we would pass people that were standing in the water. At one point, I thought we should get off of the kayak and swim back to shore.

There is a mild amount of seaweed at the entrance of the water, but it quickly clears up as you walk further. Most of the water activities at the resort are included in the all-inclusive package. There are even a few sail boats on the property, and you can learn how to sail from an instructor .

The beach is private, so we didn't have to worry about vendors or big crowds. There are plenty of chairs on the beach to enjoy, especially in the preferred area. I'm not sure if the chair to guest ratio is so good because they thought ahead or because the resort just opened a few months ago.

Entertainment: The entertainment at the Secrets Cap Cana is absolutely amazing. Like every other Secrets resorts they make sure that you never have a dull moment. The staff is incredibl y friendly. Their face brightens when they see you and you feel like you found a friend to help you to enjoy your vacation.

Daytime entertainment – Like all of the Secrets resorts, you really never need to leave the resort. The schedule is packed with so much to do! The best part is that you can access the schedule on your phone, the television, and there is an ipod device with all of hotel information by the bed for the preferred guests. This resort even has a a bike trail to go on tours, dance classes, water aerobics, beach/pool volleyball, group activities to meet other guests, and many more activities throughout the day.

Nighttime entertainment - My husband and I don't usually make it to the night entertainment because we're usually exhausted. However, on the nights that we went out we always had a great time. Some nights included karoke, professional singers, dance shows, dancing, or super bowl events.

Secrets Cap Cana is a very new resort, so as much as I was pleased with the night entertainment, it was not as diverse as the other Secrets resorts. However, I think that the Mexican Secrets resorts have entertainers on a rotation. Hopefully, with time, Secrets Cap Cana will bring in some other entertainers for the night as they progress such as the comedians, psychics/mentalist, and themed nights that I have seen at other Secrets resorts.

Spa: When I initially saw the spa, I literally said, "wow." When you walk towards the entrance, you can see straight through into the corridor. The sun was setting at the moment and the light seemed to hit all the right angles. The spa was blissful. The staff was incredibly friendly. There is a minor language barrier, but you can usually get your point across. Secrets Cap Cana is a full working spa. They provide an assortment of massages, manicures/pedicures, and hair services. Before your spa treatment, you will get the opportunity to enjoy the premises. This includes the sauna, steam room, and water therapy. I was surprised when I laid down on the chairs by the pool before my spa, I was given cucumbers for my eyes, a natural fruit drink, and an amazing foot massage. I initially thought that the spa treatment was very pricey. However, I quickly realized that it was worth every penny. My husband and I had the couples massage and we were not disappointed. My deep tissue massage was definitely one of my best massages in life! You have to stop by the spa when you visit this resort!

Food: Secrets Cap Cana has six gourmet restaurants, a buffet, outdoor grill by the pool, and a cafe. Secrets is known for amazing dinners that are comparable to a five star fine dining experience. At Secrets Cap Cana, some restaurants are better than others, and I do believe that Secrets Cap Cana will be able to stand next to the other Secrets resorts in the food department in the near future. However, they have only been open for 4-5 months so they are still working out the kinks.

My favorite dinner location was the Hibachi restaurant. There was lots of energy, amazing food, and great service. I did not enjoy the Italian restaurant, which was surprising because I really enjoyed it in Mexico. The Mexican restaurant, called "El Patio," was pretty good, but not as good as the "El Patio" in the other Secrets resorts. I was actually surprised that there wasn't an authentic Dominican restaurant on the premises. The buffet always provided a good meal, which was comforting to know that I would be able to pick from a variety of food that was quite tasty.

The drinks at Secrets Cap Cana were incredible! I would order a new drink from the beverage menu every time I got a chance. I particularly enjoyed the fruity cocktails, whiskey sour, and the "Iceberg" [a margarita on top of a Presidente Beer]. Take a look at the beverage menu or order your favorite cocktail!Either way, you're going to be in for a treat!

A great feature that Secrets Cap Cana has added that no other Secrets resorts has is "Dining in the Dark." It is an innovative dining experience that allows you to have a five course meal while blindfolded. The Food and Beverage Director, Jose Fernandez, does a great job of hosting the event. We laughed, chewed with trepidation, and created memories of a lifetime. This is a must-do to add to your bucket list!

Price: I am always open to looking for a great deal. However, after staying at four Secrets resorts and luxury resorts across the Caribbean and Central America, I can honestly say that this resort and Secrets Maroma, Secrets The Vine, and Secrets Silversands was worth every penny. My husband and I spent double the price last year at a Sandals resort and that was probably one of our biggest travel mistakes.

Experience: My experience at this resort was great! We had fun, romance, laughs, and relaxation.

Tips: Try to avoid the "forest" rooms. The view is not that great. Based on your preference, pick an oceanfront or pool view.

Our room had it's own modem, so the internet service was very sharp and fast most of the time. I love that we could call home for free!

Cheapcaribbean.com is a great source to use to get a great price on your flight and airfare.

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! Secrets Cap Cana may be one of the newest members to the Secrets family but it already impressed me after being in business for four months. I'm sure that each day will be even better than the last.

Email me to receive more information about this resort or my experience at contactus@thefloridapalate.com

Secrets Cap Cana website:


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