• Lisa Marie

Catered Fit: Is it worth it?

"Catered Fit" is a South Florida home delivery service that allows you to customize your meals. Individuals can choose to have one meal a day, or all three meals. The program offers several meal packages (see the picture below) to meet the needs of its customers. The meals are delivered to your front door in a black lunch box each evening from Sunday to Thursday. Then, you are in charge of your meals for the remainder of the week.

At first, the "Catered Fit" plan sounded like a miracle from God. I could have healthy meals delivered to my house each night. That means, I only had to cook two days a week, I didn't have to prepare my meals for work, and I didn't have to drive around and look for a place to eat on the days that I didn't have a lunch. How could this go wrong?

Initially, it was perfect. I enjoyed most of the meals. There was a large variety of meals, and they were filled with color and texture. There were some nights that my husband and I would rush to peak in our black lunch box to see the meals that were delivered. We would marvel at our choices and look forward to our meals for the next day.

However, after awhile, things started to go downhill. They put in a new computer system for the new year and we were receiving the wrong orders. Breakfast dishes (that were not ordered) were delivered, and my meals would come in and my husband's meals were forgotten or vice versa.

Also, the food, that was once so tasty, started to all taste the same. There were different meals, but everything started to blend together.

Needless to say, we discontinued the program and went back to old fashioned grocery shopping and cooking.

Would I recommend it: If they fixed their computer program, I would recommend one meal a day. Maybe, just lunch. Anything more than one meal a day becomes too much of the same type of food in my opinion.

Extra information: The program does not come with snacks, so you have to make healthy decisions between meals. I would recommend fruit as a snack option because the program rarely places fruit in the lunch or dinner meals.

Pricing is based on your meal package. https://www.cateredfit.com/


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