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The Taste History Culinary Tour Does It Again!

The Taste History Culinary Tour is an edible journey that highlights the food, arts, and people of West Palm Beach. Lori Durante is the tour guide, historian, and advocate for the Taste History Culinary Tour. Lori shares 500 years of Florida history, renowned local restaurant owners, and impressive art pieces throughout a 3-5 hour tour day. Each Saturday, the tour features a different portion of the Palm Beach region (Delray Beach, Lantana, Boynton Beach, or Lake Worth). However, personalized tours can be created during the week.

This was my second Taste History Culinary Tour and it was such a great experience! On my first tour, I went with a friend and on this tour I went with my husband. The tour is really versatile and can be a great day with friends, a romantic trip with a significant other, or a fun day with the kids. The Taste History Culinary Tour knows how to create an experience!

We started the tour, as always, at the the east entrance of Macys in Boynton Beach, FL. Here we met all of the other people that we would be spending the day with on our voyage. We hopped onto the tour bus promptly at 10:45 am and started our day. We were scheduled for the Lake Worth and Lantana tour, and I was eager to see what lied ahead. Lori started to share some Florida history about the local area as we drove to our first destination and I could see my husband's eyes widen and get excited because he is truly a history buff at heart.

Lake Worth Farmers Market

Our first stop was at the Lake Worth Farmer's Market. This farmer's market is right along the lagoon. When you place me around great scenery, tasty food tents, and music; you've found the key to my heart. When I looked around, I saw fresh fruit and vegetables displayed on tables, kids dancing to music, and food options fit to meet everyone's needs. It was definitely the way to start your Saturday morning!

"Mother Earth Artisan Foods."The Taste History Culinary Tour brought us to This tent's special was the "Black Bean Burger" and "Vegan Mousse." The bean burger was soy free, gluten free, and egg free. It was really flavorful. I can say that this was my first bean burger and I was very impressed. The consistency and texture was different from a beef patty, but the tomato, garlic, cilantro, and chili powder allowed the flavor to all come together harmoniously. The vegan mousse was served in a small container and it quickly reminded me of my childhood when my mother would serve me a small serving of pudding. "Mother Earth Artisan Foods" is a great spot to try if you're vegan, or if you just want to have a healthy and yummy option.

CWS Kitchen & Bar

This was my favorite location on the tour! CWS stands for "Charles Williams Stach," and he was a rum runner in the prohibition era. The entire restaurant is modern with a light theme of the prohibition period. The staff is even dressed to play the role! This location has the feminine touch of a kitchen with it's chandeliers and greenery in the outside foyer. However, it blends right into a manly bar due its harsher interior, big screen televisions on each wall displaying sports, and large display of whiskey. It's manly enough for a guy to hang out with his buddies, and pretty enough for their girlfriends or wives to come along for the ride. [Picture below: Lori Durante at the CWS Kitchen & Bar]

As a part of the tour, we were served a drink called "Figgin' Around." It's not on the menu yet, but it definitely should be because we loved it! It was made with cabernet, thyme, rosemary, cloves, syrup, tequila, and agave. The drink reminded me of the restaurant; strong but beautiful. It's pink color and agave softened it up enough that both my husband and I really enjoyed it. We liked it so much that we went back for drinks and appetizers after the tour! We are looking forward to trying their brunch on Saturday and Sunday with their bottomless mimosa, chicken and waffles, crab cakes benedict, and many other tasty items.

Java Juice Bar

The Java Juice bar is owned by the city commissioner of Lake Worth. He offered us a chicken curry wrap and a very refreshing strawberry banana smoothie. He provided us with information about the Lake Worth area, the use of art to revitalize the community, and the role of being a city commissioner and a store owner.

Artisan On The Ave

This art store had such a diverse collection of art from different local artists in the area. Some of the artist sell their art for fun and others use their artistic craft as their second job. The artist at Artisan generously give 20 percent of the proceeds to an organization to feed veterans and children.

Throughout the day, we saw murals by renowned artist in the area on walls, in post offices, and even on the streets of Lake Worth. Art has become a means of expression, character, and another way to refresh and energize the city of Lake Worth. The mural below was created by an artist from Miami named Trek6. The mural represents Lake Worth's earliest inhabitants (the Jaega tribe), an owl for wisdom, and a tribute to the former slaves that claimed land during the Homestead Act.

Broque's Downunder

This restaurant is a combination of an Irish pub mixed with Australian roots. I've never seen an Ireland and Australian pub, but the owners make it work together very well! The owners have been married for 53 years and have their roots in New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland. On the tour, we were served "chicken curry and rice." Your eyebrow may raise and wonder how that dish fits into their theme. However, historically, Chinese people were brought to Australia as servants. While in Australia, their food became a part of the Australian culture.

Dessert at this restaurant was the sweetest part of the day. Emily and her husband made a dessert called "Pavlova" for our group. It was light, sweet, and had a perfect crumb to fluff ratio. The dessert is made from egg whites and sugar. It is named after a Russian ballerina, and the shape of the cake mimics her tutu.

Brick Oven Pizza

We ended our tour with America's favorite food group; pizza! This restaurant is new to the Lake Worth area. It has only been around for 6 months but it is making an impression on the town with its specialty pizzas. I personally loved the "Grandma's pizza" and the "Margarita pizza." The "Grandma's pizza"was seasoned well with rich Italian spices and it brought me back to my New York pizza days as a child. The other pizzas served, were one of a kind. They had pastas such as penne a la vodka and alfredo on top of the pizza. I think it was a first for everyone! [Picture above: half margarita pizza and half alfredo pizza]

The Taste History Culinary Food Tour did it again! It provided a comprehensive package for us all to enjoy. Where can you find great food, education, and art all in one package?! I've gained such a great appreciation for the Lake Worth community and its history. If you haven't tried a Taste History Culinary Tour, you are definitely missing out! Contact Lori Durante at http://tastehistoryculinarytours.org/culinaryfoodtours.html to book your tour!

Contact us at contactus@thefloridapalate.com if you have any questions or comments.

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