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"Hilton West Palm Beach Hotel" is the newest hotel on the block

Last weekend, I decided to do a staycation in West Palm Beach. I was so excited to see some friends from college, enjoy "City Place," and eat at some amazing restaurants. My husband and I decided to stay at the "Hilton West Palm Beach Hotel" because of its prime location across the street from "City Place," its closeness to our friends in the area, and especially because it is one of the newer hotels in West Palm Beach.

Quality: When we arrived at the "Hilton West Palm Beach Hotel," you could feel the energy of the downtown area. People were walking outside to get their cars, head over to "City Place," or just enjoy the evening. I had no idea where everyone was going, but the purpose in their eyes and their swanky outfits told a story of purpose for the night. The valet staff directed the cars and efficiently took our car so that we could get started with our check-in. The lobby was comparable to most Hilton hotel lobbies. However, it was very sleek and modern and decorated with a beautiful Christmas tree that overlooked the pool. You can't beat Florida living! A Christmas tree overlooking the pool is definitely only the norm in Florida! Either way, it was absolutely gorgeous!

We made our way up the elevators and to our room. Our room was modern, but very functional and modest. It had clean edges and possessed contemporary aspects balanced with a homely comfort that I enjoy. The bed was very comfortable and sucked me in with its large arms [it could of been pillows, but I remember them as arms ; ) ] a few times over the weekend. I also really liked the bathroom. The mirror was outlined with the extra lighting on the rim of the mirror that made you look 5 years younger and feel a little prettier. The shower is completely lined with glass, which I loved because all of the heat stays in just a little bit longer than the draped shower curtains found in most hotels. The shower was very spacious, and could comfortably fit a party of two to three people. I didn't invite any friends over to prove this theory, but I'm pretty good at estimating. The shower pressure was really strong, which forced me to stay in the bathroom even longer. It doesn't take much to please me; give me a great mattress, a modern bathroom, and some yummy food and I'm happy.

Speaking of yummy food, there is a cafe downstairs called "Provisions." It carries coffee, ice cream, fruit, yogurt, and lots of baked desserts. It's so convenient to grab a snack throughout the day, have a simple breakfast, or if you're like me; enjoy a couple of scoops of white chocolate ice cream.

The posterior grounds of the hotel were the best part of the hotel to me. There was a fire pit to keep you warm by night and cabanas to keep you shaded in the day. The atmosphere of the grounds outside actually creates a chic and sophisticated tone for the hotel. There were a lot of people in the pool, enjoying food by the pool, or trying to catch some sun on the lounge chairs. This "Hilton West Palm Beach Hotel" has really created a vacation resort to help people unwind by the pool, enjoy the downtown area of "City Place," and view the regal aspects of life that West Palm Beach has to offer. When buying a home, realtors often say that finding or selling a home is all about "location, location, location." As beautiful and new as this hotel was during our visit, the "Hilton West Palm Beach" hit the jackpot with the location of this hotel!

Service: The staff was very friendly and tried very hard to meet our needs. The valet system works very smoothly. You just call downstairs about five to ten minutes before you plan on leaving your room, and they usually had our car waiting for us. The valet crew at check-in, in the "Provisions" cafe, and the remainder of the staff on the premises were all very attentive to our needs.

Cleanliness: My only disappointment in the service was when I called housekeeping and asked if our room could be cleaned before leaving for the evening. The employee on the other end of the call reassured me that it would be done right away. However, to our dismay, our room was not cleaned upon our return. It was a little upsetting to expect to come back to a clean room hours later and realize that the request wasn't met. I called housekeeping and the front desk about my concern. They both tried to fix the problem by sending someone to clean the room at that moment. However, it was so late that I told them not to worry about it.

Price: The "Hilton West Palm Beach' has remarkable prices! We were there over the Christmas weekend and we paid less than $200 per night (including valet). I can't remember the last time that we paid so little for a hotel of this quality.

Experience: I really enjoyed my stay at the "Hilton West Palm." The location is perfect, the outside grounds are a really cool place to hang out, and the amenities met our needs very well.

Would I recommend it: Yes, I would. I think that this hotel could serve the purpose of a weekend getaway, girls' trip, or even a couple's retreat.

Extra information: Make sure to budget the cost of the overnight valet into your stay. If you don't valet at the hotel, the parking at "City Place" could end up costing you more and you would have to walk to their parking garage.

Please email me if you have any questions or comments at contactus@thefloridapalate.com

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