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"Jove Kitchen & Bar:" An Italian Masterpiece

Last weekend, on my West Palm Beach getaway, my husband and I decided to enjoy some fine dining at "Jove Kitchen and Bar." It's a restaurant in the Four Seasons West Palm Beach Hotel. When we approached the entrance of the Four Seasons, there was a long hallway that led to "Jove Kitchen and Bar." The hallway was dimly lit, and the lights from the holiday decorations and beautiful Christmas tree set such a romantic atmosphere for the evening. As we made our way up the steps and into the "Jove Kitchen and Bar," the atmosphere of passion and elegance poured into the restaurant. Chef Luca Moriconi is the head chef at "Jove Kitchen and Bar" and has created an Italian inspired menu with a West Palm Beach flare. He has taken the depths of his Italian and Tuscan roots, and infused them into every dish in the restaurant. The restaurant is warm and cozy, and does not have an ounce of the pretentious mood often set in fine dining establishments. It's sophisticated and chic, but casual enough for you to relax and enjoy your meal.

Quality: As beautiful as the premises were, I went to "Jove Kitchen and Bar" for the food. So, I was ready to get started! For starters my drink, blew me away. I ordered the "Late Night 'Lada." How cool is it that my drink came with a scoop of coconut ice cream and a pineapple brulee?Then, the server poured Bicardi over the sweet treats in my glass. My drink was a mini dessert (picture: right bottom corner)! This was the most unique version of a pina colada that I have ever tasted.

We started our meal with some great appetizers. I ordered the "Shrimp and Octopus Duo" and my husband ordered the "Gingered Tuna Tartare." The shrimp and octopus were so fresh and luscious. I really enjoyed the octopus. It was tender and prepared to perfection. I was really impressed! My husband loves tuna tartare and he actually said that the "Gingered Tuna Tartare" at "Jove Kitchen and Bar" was the best one that he has ever had!

The main course was served next, I had the "Lobster Risotto" and my husband ordered the "Beef Tenderloin and Red Prawns." Both dishes were tasty. The lobster and the risotto blended very well together. I didn't get to taste my husband's meal because I was starting to get full by that point. However, he really enjoyed it. Also, I still wanted to keep my eye on the prize and save room for dessert.

The show stopper of the entire meal had to be the dessert! The tiramisu was so good that I told our server that I would definitely think about giving away my first child for another piece. I have had many slices of tiramisu, but I have never had tiramisu as moist as this one, and ....(wait for it) ...it was wrapped in white chocolate! Yes, a white chocolate tiramisu does exist! Who knew that white chocolate and tiramisu would be the combination that would make me weak in the knees!

Service: The service at "Jove Kitchen and Bar" was exceptional. From the moment we walked into the restaurant the hostesses, servers, and chef were extremely hospitable and sincere. Make sure to ask for Herald (picture of Herald and me below). He is a great server! He provided excellent suggestions and was very attentive to us during the dinner.

Price: It is a fine dining establishment, so the food is expected to be pricier than most restaurants. However, I thought the food was priced appropriately for the quality and service being offered.

Experience: I had such a romantic night out with my husband. The drinks were perfect, the entrees were incredible, and the dessert was spectacular.

Would I recommend it: Yes, Yes, and Yes! It's an Italian masterpiece! "Jove Kitchen and Bar" is a great spot for a lovely dinner with your significant other or a small party of friends. It has so much character, one of a kind Italian dishes, and the most welcoming staff. I will definitely be back in the near future!

Please email me if you have any questions or comments at contactus@thefloridapalate.com

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