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"Angle" - Fine dining at "Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa."

Last Friday night, I had plans to dine at the "Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa" with my husband and Angela, my friend. "Angle" is one of the many restaurants on the estate. It is a fine dining establishment with meals that have been thoughtfully placed together by the renowned Chef Manlee Siu. She uses local farmers to gather all of her fruits and vegetables to make sure that only the freshest and finest foods grace your lips. Each bite was filled with a burst of flavor and different textures to please my palate. I closed my eyes, tried not to do my happy food dance at the dinner table, and slid my plate for my neighbor to try my dish because food this good had to be shared. Honestly, eating at "Angle" is an experience that words cannot express and pictures cannot capture. However, I will try my best to tell you about each bite.

Quality: We started our meal with some unique appetizers, the "Spanish Octopus" and the "Butter Pouched Lobster." The Spanish Octopus was cooked with yuca, lentil, chorizo pickled mushroom, and salsa verde. It was seasoned to perfection and tasted great! I really enjoyed the "Butter Pouched Lobster." "Angle" definitely knows how to allow their food to make an entrance. The server brought out a tin with the name of the restaurant on the cover, and inside the tin was the most succulent pieces of lobster, a poached egg, and caviar. In that moment, I knew that if the starters were this good, we were definitely in for a treat.

The main course was served next. Chef Manlee Siu did not disappoint us at all! I ordered the "Creekstone Farm Prime Ribeye Steak." This entree is a 10 oz ribeye accompanied by roasted fingerling potatoes, rosemary, and "Eau-1" sauce. I am a big meat eater, so this moist steak was right up my alley. In some fine dining establishments, you get more art and decorations than edible food. When a 10 oz ribeye is served, you know that you're not in your typical fine dining establishment. My husband ordered the "Creekstone Farm Prime Filet Mignon." It came with seared Hudson Valley foie gras, russet potato cake, baby spinach, and red wine sauce. For those of you that do not know what foie gras is, it is the liver of a duck or goose. I've never had it before, but my husband let me try his and I liked it. It is definitely an acquired taste, but one I could definitely get used to. Angela ordered the "Hudson Valley Duck Breast." It was served with Seminole pumpkin, farro, black rice tuscan kale, dates, parsnip, cranberry, and turnip. The duck and the cranberry blended harmoniously on the plate and tasted like an elegant Thanksgiving medley. Each entree was so different from each other, but they were all so delicious!

The icing on the cake was dessert. Who knew that this meal could get any better?! We ordered the "Passion Fruit Almond Crème Brûlée Cake," the "Warm Donuts Trio," and the "Apple Pie." The crème brûlée cake was a nice twist from the original crème brûlée usually served in restaurants. I absolutely loved it! It was moist and flavorful. The strips of chocolate served with the cake worked so well together. The three warm donuts were filled with three different ice cream flavors that change periodically. I really enjoyed the Boston cream filling. It tasted like fried ice cream; warm and crispy on the outside and sweet ice cream within. The apple pie is not your mother's apple pie. This was a piece of decadent art with components of the apple pie placed together to get every texture involved with apple pie in the most delicate picturesque ensemble. The desserts were even better than I could have imagined!

Service: The service at "Angle" is definitely on one accord with the fine dining experience. The restaurant is sprinkled with a few full tables, so the servers are able to give you their undivided attention. They suggest choices, make sure that you are pleased, and even bring the chef to your table to meet the brilliant hands behind the scenes.

Price: The food is priced well for the quality and service being offered. This restaurant may be pricey for some, but it is definitely worth a visit for a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, special date night, or any important milestone in someone's life.

Experience: I had an incredible night. I felt like my palate was on a food adventure and my journey from start to finish was one that I will remember for a long time. The environment is dim and cozy, and the tables are spaced out far enough to allow your dining experience to be so intimate. You really get the opportunity to enjoy your meal and engage in conversation with your group or significant other.

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! I already have. "Angle" is a hidden gem that wasn't even on my radar until now. I definitely have to thank Angela for telling me about it! I definitely think that this restaurant should be on the top of your list for fine dining.

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