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The "Mustard Seed Bistro" wins the "Excellence Award" for the best cupcake in Fl

We would like to send a warm congratulations to the "Mustard Seed Bistro" for winning the "Excellence Award" for the best cupcake in Florida. We searched high and low, and ate cupcakes until we were on the brink of a sugar high several times a week. However, after every cupcake store and bakery we visited, we compared it to the benchmark that had been set at the beginning of our cupcake path; the "Mustard Seed Bistro." Their cupcakes were moist, flavorful, and had the most creative flavors that we came across.

I was given the opportunity to speak to the woman behind the infamous cupcakes. Her name is Lara Boyd and she owns the "Mustard Seed Bistro" with her husband, Timothy. I asked Lara, how she got to where she is today, and she took me down a vivid memory lane of how she met, Timothy Boyd. Lara worked at a spa and her husband was a chef nearby at a local restaurant. Timothy would send meals to Lara in hopes of getting her attention. However, he didn't know one major detail. Lara has a sweet tooth, and could care less about any other food group. Eventually, Timothy was tipped off by Lara's friend that the path to her heart is through her sweet tooth. Timothy took the advice and began sending sugary treats Lara's way; quickly catching her eye, stomach, and heart!

The couple have owned other restaurants in their past. Timothy was the executive chef and owner of the "Upper Crust," where he took on this venture on his own. Then, together they owned "Milk and Honey," a restaurant that did not do as well as expected. In actuality, Timothy and Lara lost everything after trying their best to make the restaurant a success. Due to a bad location, the couple had to close "Milk and Honey." As disappointing as this closure was, the couple managed to keep their faith in God and continue to trust in Him. Lara stated that she realized that, "You have fail really big one time to succeed." With the small amount of faith left; faith the size of a mustard seed, this couple decided to try again and open the "Mustard Seed Bistro" in the Plantation Community Plaza, 256 S University Dr, Plantation, FL 33324.

The "Mustard Seed Bistro" is actually not a cupcake bakery at all. It is a European style cafe centered on hand carved sandwiches, delicious entrees, salads, and soups. The cupcakes are sold in a glass area by the counter of the restaurant. According to Lara, the restaurant's focus is not the cupcakes, but they "are icing on the cake." Modestly, Lara stated that the cupcakes are not the "bread and butter" of the "Mustard Seed Bistro," but are a smaller sector of the restaurant. However, if you take a seat in the restaurant, don't be surprised when you see the amount of people that come in just for the cupcakes, order boxes of cupcakes, or add a cupcake to finish off their meal.

The most popular cupcake is the pistachio cupcake. It was one of Lara's first cupcakes and it has definitely made a name for itself! It may sound different than your typical vanilla or chocolate cupcake, which the restaurant offers as well. However, the pistachio cupcake continues to be a big hit! Unfortunately, for all of you that have been praying for a cupcake chain, Lara stated that she doesn't plan to expand her cupcakes beyond the counter of the "Mustard Seed Bistro." She enjoys making cupcakes, and she does't want to make her passion feel like a job. She makes 200 cupcakes a day, and that's enough to keep her busy.

Despite her role as a cupcake maker, Lara Boyd works on the floor of the "Mustard Seed Bistro" each day, and balances a life filled with children. Thankfully, Lara has a supportive husband to share her business with, a hard-working team, and Alli King (an employee at the "Mustard Seed") by her side to help her bake the delectable cupcakes that grace the "Mustard Seed" each day.

We, the team at The Florida Palate, are thrilled to have found such a humble and friendly person to receive the "Excellence Award" for the best cupcake in Florida. I called Lara to congratulate her on the "Excellence Award" and provide recognition for her efforts. However, the call was more of a blessing for me than her. She reminded me that faith the size of a mustard seed can turn a thought into a dream. She declared her faith in God and shared the testimony that has brought her to the level of success that the couple have attained. If you're in the area, make sure to stop by the "Mustard Seed Bistro" to taste the best cupcake in Florida, have a meal, and meet this gracious couple. Trust me, you'll thank me later!

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