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Secrets Silversands: Forget the beach and let paradise begin

Secrets Silversands is in Puerto Morelos, a small town outside of Cancun. This resort, like the other Secrets locations is grandiose in stature, food, and service. The only feature lacking at this resort is its beach. However, the hotel staff makes up for the beach with the most social pool environment that I have ever seen. Quality: This is a luxury resort in every regard. The landscape, food, service, and staff reflect the Secrets brand. The bedrooms are modern and very large. You can have a view of the pool, ocean, or even get a suite in the water. The bedroom is very impressive. However, I wish the bed was a little more comfortable. Also it gets very hot in the night and no matter how much you lower your air conditioner, it doesn't change anything. [Picture below: the bedroom with an ocean view].

The food is amazing! Trust me, I am a foodie that is hard to impress and I was blown away. I loved the Mediterranean restaurant and the Mexican restaurant the most! At the Mediterranean restaurant, the salmon is done perfectly! At the Mexican restaurant, the black bean soup is delicious. I actually ordered two soups! Who does that?! The desserts at the Mexican restaurant will make you close your eyes and drift off to another world! I did not like the Italian restaurant but the food wasn't bad; it just wasn't as great as the other restaurants. The hibachi restaurant was a nice experience....the fried rice was delicious! Don't forget to order room service because it is very tasty!

You will not be able to swim at the beach. There are men working on raking up the seaweed all day, but it is more in an attempt to show you their efforts. In actuality, they can rake the seaweed for the next five years, you will not be able to swim in the beach here. In Cancun and the surrounding cities, the location of the resort determines if you will have a nice beach, and this resort was built in this spot with the owners knowing that the guests would not be able to swim in the water.

Service: The staff is extremely friendly and they make sure to say "hello" or "hola" as they walk by. You will receive amazing service throughout the hotel. The ratio for guest to worker must be very low because the employees are very attentive to your needs. You never have to worry about needing a drink, help in your room, and for miscellaneous items to be coordinated. They are on top of everything and very consistent.

Cleanliness: The resort and bedrooms are immaculate. The cleaning crew does a very good job and housekeeping is very prompt.

Price: The price offered at this resort was very reasonable.

Experience: My husband and I mark this resort as the most fun that we have ever had at a resort. There is always at least 1-2 things going on throughout the day. The way that the resort is laid out, most of the activities are within eyesight so you don't have to search for the next activity. The entertainment crew do a good job of informing the guest of upcoming activities and making you feel included. Everyone on the team was great, especially Gebron. This is the first time that we didn't need to book an excursion. We didn't want to leave the resort! Most of the nights, I was too sleepy to watch the night show/entertainment but the nights I did see it, it was well worth it. The resort is very creative with the presentations of their night shows. It was a nice change from the repetitive singing entertainment at other resorts.My husband and I made so many friends at this resort, and looked forward to seeing them at the next activity or by the pool. Somehow, the staff and guests create a family environment during your short stay at this resort. [Picture below: My husband and me waiting for the night show to start. On this particular night, the hotel had a graffiti artist painting a mural on the stage and brought in theme related entertainers like skateboarders and break dancers]

Tips: You should definitely go on the bike tour. It's great exercise, and you get the chance to see the city and shop at the market.

Also, you should stop by the spa and get pampered! We definitely took advantage of a couple's massage on this vacation. [Picture below: the pool in the spa]

Would I recommend it: ABSOLUTELY! As long as you go to this resort knowing that you will not be able to swim at the beach, you will have an incredible time. I visit Mexico every year, but I always make sure to go to a new resort. I think that I would definitely make an exception and go back to this resort!

Please email me if you have any questions about this resort at contactus@thefloridapalate.com

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