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Gourmet Goodies Bake Shop: Winner of the "People's Choice Award" for Best Cupcakes in

Choosing the best cupcake in Florida was a challenge for the team at The Florida Palate. We had to taste cupcakes all across our beautiful sunshine state. Don't feel bad for us because we were given the opportunity to visit places like "Gourmet Goodies Bake Shop." As our team traveled from bakery to bakery, we watched the votes pour in on our website with loyal followers chanting "Gourmet Goodies Bake Shop (GGBS)." By the end of the competition, it was very clear that the customers of GGBS wanted their voices to be heard about the best cupcake in Florida. GGBS won the People's Choice Award by a sizable margin!

I called Carrissa, one of the owners of GGBS, to find out more about her cupcakes, the store, and the story behind her successful business. What started off as a lineage of questions, ended up being a moment of inspiration for me. Carissa's husband, Bob, actually started as the original baker. He retired from construction and began baking for fun. He initially started to sell the cupcakes at church events and that led to selling cupcakes through social media and door to door. Along the way, the couple moved to Lakeland for Carissa to start a new position in ministry. The position did not work out and everything seemed to keep steering Carissa toward the cupcake business. The couple decided to step out on faith and turn their part time cupcake business into a full-time effort. The couple's cupcake business continued to prosper from mall carts to a kiosk, and now they are settled in a charming plaza in Winter Haven at 68 4th St. NW.

Carissa and Bob's life have definitely taken a turn in a different direction. One could say that it was ordained or inevitable, and a key to their success is that their path is aligned with God's will. When I asked Carissa about a day in her life, she immediately responded that she wouldn't be able to do her job without her amazing team. She stated that she has a team of 8 professional staff members to help her to meet all of her deadlines.

GGBS sells a list of goodies at their bakery. However, their cupcakes are a huge hit among their customers. The top seller is the sea salted caramel cupcake. However, there are so many flavors to choose from, you're bound to find more that you love!

Carrissa and Bob have created much more than a bakery. They have produced a testimony to inspire others. When we listen to God's voice, follow his will, and align our life with him; you can establish a dream bigger than you could ever imagine. If you live in Winter Haven, are driving through, or are there for vacation make sure to stop by "Gourmet Goodies Bake Shop."


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