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Grand Hyatt DFW: The best bed at the airport

The Grand Hyatt DFW is attached to the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. It couldn’t be any more convenient for travelers to hop off their flight and slide under the covers of a comfortable bed within thirty minutes. The Grand Hyatt DFW is rated the number one hotel in Dallas by Trip Advisor! It is very difficult to be a #1 hotel in a city of hundreds of hotels when you’re attached to a busy airport, but the Grand Hyatt DFW has managed to pull it off!

Quality: The hotel separates itself from the airport by playing upbeat music as you take the escalator up from the terminal to the lobby. They do a great job of creating a warm and welcoming environment as soon as you reach the lobby. The lobby is draped in wood, and the warmth of the decorations and the friendly staff is a great contrast to the sterile aesthetics of the airport just a few steps away. The bedrooms are well decorated and have state of the art technology. The blinds rise as you enter the room so that you can get a nice view of the runway and watch the airplanes land and ascend. It is such a beautiful view. At sunset, you can lay on the bed and watch the planes drift in the colorful sky. Oddly enough, you’re close enough to the planes to see almost every detail but due to the soundproof windows you barely hear a sound. The room has an electric panel by the window, on both sides of the bed, and in the bathroom. The electric panel can control every light in the room. I definitely need one of these for my home in Florida! The furniture is modern, but the room feels very comfortable and homely. The bed is very comfortable. I'll admit, it is hard to please me in the bed department and the Grand Hyatt DFW did very well with their mattress choice. The shower head gives the perfect amount of pressure. There is even a separate bathtub to wash the day away.

Service: The front desk staff are very professional, welcoming, and knowledgeable about the hotel. They offer great service. The only problem I found was that we were never told that our toll tickets (the tickets used to pay the toll as you leave the airport) could be validated at the hotel, so we spent the entire first day paying the bill ourselves. When we alerted one of the staff members, she gave us paperwork to fill out and told us that the problem would be rectified in 4-6 weeks. I thought that the hotel could have rectified that problem in a much shorter time span, especially since they failed to tell us about the validation.

Cleanliness: I have never seen a hotel room with so much dust! When I threw a book on the bed the dust jumped liked it was on a trampoline and when I looked at the counters, there was a thick layer of dust. I often got distracted and just watched the dust fly by the light. Even after the room was cleaned, the dust remained. I'm sure that we could of mentioned this to management, but we were barely in the room due to our busy Dallas schedule.

Price: Due to the location, ranking, and quality offered, I believe that this hotel is priced well.

Experience: For my Florida residents, this is the perfect hotel to go to if you are doing business in Dallas. I enjoyed being conveniently located at the hotel, but still getting the sense that you are at a grand hotel that offers a little more luxury.

Extra tips: Make sure that your flight is coming in or leaving from the same terminal as the hotel. If it is not, you will have to catch an airport bus to a different terminal.

Would I recommend it: Yes, for a business trip. Imagine how nice it was for me to walk downstairs and catch my flight. The Grand Hyatt DWF has a really great staff, nice rooms, and a convenient location. For the people that are looking for a romantic getaway or a girls’ trip, I would recommend one of the other hotels near downtown Dallas. Honestly, I think that this hotel has gained its #1 status on Trip Advisor for a few reasons. The first reason is the demographics of Trip Advisor has a lot of business travelers. Therefore, this is a great business hotel so, it gets rated highly. Secondly, the hotel is priced well. So, the travelers that go to the more luxurious hotels have to pay more, thus their expectations are higher; resulting in a lower Trip Advisor score.

Email me at contactus@thefloridapalate.com if you have more questions about this hotel.

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