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Sandals Regency La Toc St. Lucia

Sandals St. Lucia has three locations called La Toc, Halcyon, and the Grande. Each resort has its own identity and culture. Sandals Grande is absolutely beautiful. It has a great beach and picturesque views of mountains and lush greenery as far as your eyes can see. The resort is not as big as La Toc but its presence is very grand. If you like to hang out by the pool, drink frozen drinks, and meet new people; then this is the location for you. There is great music and entertainment throughout the day. The guests are there to have a great time. Basically, this is the party resort. The Halcyon, the smallest of the three resorts, is more of a European resort. The environment is very calm and the demographics targets an older crowd. La Toc falls somewhere in between the two resorts. It offers a mild party atmosphere by the pool. The beach is not very swimmer-friendly, and many honeymooners spend time at this resort so that they can spend quality time together while enjoying the amenities of the resort.

Even though I traveled between all three resorts during my week stay, my room was at La Toc so I will provide my review of this resort only.

Quality: This resort is an older resort and it's age is starting to show. Many of the rooms need to be refurbished. My husband and I went to St. Lucia to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and we very surprised by how outdated the room looked when we arrived. After a night in our first room, we were downgraded to a lower room that had been refurbished. We didn't mind the downgrade because we were getting a more modern room with a beautiful view.

Room # 1:

Room # 2:

Sandals La Toc boast that they have 9 restaurants. It doesn't seem like that many when you're there because some of the "restaurants" only have a few tables, offer one specialty item, or the same menu can be used at a neighboring restaurant.

The Pavillion - this location host the breakfast and lunch buffet. The buffet is almost the same each day, with mild variation. It offers food inspired from the Caribbean, American options, and a few international choices. I didn't really enjoy the breakfast buffet, so I usually ate oatmeal. For lunch, some days were better than others. However, you will definitely find something to eat that you like.

La Toc - this is the most formal restaurant on the property. It is the French restaurant that I will never forget. My husband and I were escorted to this restaurant by our butler because it was the night of our 10-year anniversary. When we arrived, we waited outside for the restaurant to open for about ten minutes. Once inside, our butler brought us to a table decorated with flowers. I was surprised and touched by the gesture. Then, the waiting game began. We didn't know which server was taking care of our table. Our drinks were brought to the table by someone that was designated for that particular job only, but no one else had come over to see if we had questions, to take our order, or to let us know that our server would arrive shortly. When I left my seat to look for the manager, our server was at a counter writing information down on her notepad. I asked her if I could speak to the manager, and all of a sudden....she was ready to take our order. I was so disappointed that my 10 year anniversary dinner was now more than 30 minutes in with no service.We arrived at 6:30 pm and we walked out of the restaurant by about 7:10 pm; no food and no service. [Picture: This is when we just arrived at La Toc. Our butler took a picture of us because we were so touched by the table arrangements made for our 10 year anniversary]

The Pittons - this is a Caribbean inspired outdoor restaurant. The food is decent, but I wasn't blown away by it. [Picture: Steak, shrimp, and a potato-like side native to the St. Lucian Island]

Armando's - this is the Italian restaurant. The service is slow. The buffet has very limited options and the food is mediocre. I didn't enjoy this restaurant at breakfast or dinner. [Picture: Shrimp Risotto]

Kimono's - the is the Hibachi restaurant. This was my favorite restaurant because we met two really sweet couples, the Hibachi chef was very entertaining, and the food was good. I used to think that once you have gone to one hibachi restaurant, you have gone to them all. However, my theory was proven to be wrong by Sandals St. Lucian version of Hibachi.

Neptune's - this is a Mediterranean - inspired outdoor restaurant. The food is average at this restaurant. However, after the Hibachi restaurant, it is my second most liked restaurant.

Bella Napoli - this restaurant serves really good pizza. However, you can sit at Neptunes and use the pizzza menu. Another perk is that this spot serves pretty authentic Jamaican beef patties.

The Cricketer's Pub and Soy - I did not eat at these two restaurants

The drinks at this resort were amazing! I must say that Sandals has the best drinks of any resort that I have ever been to before.

Service: The service was very disappointing and inconsistent. Some places and some employees offered stellar service and other locations and staff members dropped the ball several times. Room service was late and cold on more than one occasion, the butlers were not very helpful at times, and we would go long periods of time without anyone asking if we would like a drink. [picture: my favorite drink, the BBC]

Cleanliness: The rooms, premises, and the restaurants are very clean. The sand on the beach is free of debri. The beach looks beautiful from a distance, but it is rough. Swimming should be done at the Sandals Grande resort. [Picture: the beach at Sandals Grande]

Price: I think that the expectations are held so high for Sandals resorts because the price mark is significantly higher than other luxury resorts. I definitely think that Sandals La Toc overcharges for their resort because the rooms and service do not reflect the price. I don't mind paying for a luxury resort. However, I find it very upsetting to pay luxury prices for standard accommodations.

Experience: If I could go back in time, I wouldn't have chosen Sandals La Toc for my 10 year anniversary. My husband and I made the best of it and we always manage to have fun. However, a resort is supposed to take your stress away, not add more to it. I haven't given up on all Sandals resorts because I had an incredible experience at Royal Plantation in Jamaica and a nice time at the Sandals in the Bahamas.

Extra information: This is an adult only resort, and most of the adults are couples.

The spa is very small and doesn't look like a spa from a resort (or as grandiose as Florida spas) or a luxury hotel. I recommend going to the Sandals Grande for your spa treatments. I think that we would of been happier if we had stayed at the Sandals Grande for the entire stay. We went there almost every day to get away from our resort.

The night entertainment at La Toc is good, especially if you like music and dancing. The shows are pretty entertaining. The late night music bands can be a bit redundant, but they are very talented performers.

​The resort has a lot of cats. So, don't be surprised if you see one, two, or three during lunch or dinner time. I was told by a staff member that the resort originally had pests and the cats were brought in to get rid of the pests. Then, after the pests were terminated, they decided to keep the cats around.

Would I recommend it: Unfortunately, I would not. I think that this resort is a poor representation of the Sandals family. I hope this blog helps you to make an informed decision. Email me at contactus@thefloridapalate.com if you have more questions about this resort.

Slideshow of our trip:

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