• Lisa Marie

10 Tips That Floridians Need to Know Before Going to Dallas, Texas

1. Prepare for the weather!

In Florida, you can typically get away with flipflops for 364 of the 365 days a year. Okay, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point. The weather in Florida is usually hot, cool, or a chance of a quick cold front. Dallas, Texas has seasons and you should dress appropriately

2. You must take all your jeans and shrink them in the dryer before arrival.

I am kidding. Okay, 90% of me is kidding. I know that we are now in an era where skinny jeans are in, but in Dallas, Texas a lot of the men aren’t wearing the stylish skinny jeans that are trending across our country. They are just wearing tight jeans. Jeans that make you want to stretch one leg in the air and shift your undergarments to get comfortable. I have never seen so many tight jeans on men in my life!

3. Boots, Boots, Boots

Big ones, small ones, tall ones, short ones…. they’re everywhere and in every color. You must get a pair before you arrive. It’s the Texas way!

4. Mexican Food

This is a special note to all the South Floridians that are so used to their Cuban-style chicken breast, rice, and black beans. You will no longer see your Cuban restaurants on every corner. In Texas, your Cuban-inspired restaurants have been replaced by Mexican restaurants. They still offer rice and beans, but with an additional Mexican twist.

5. Everything is big in Texas

The roads, land, and houses are all big in Dallas, Texas. The landscape is vast. There are highways crossing over each other like a game of Jenga. There is land as far as your eyes can see. There are huge estates that grace the land like castles. Dallas, Texas stays true to the statement of “go big or go home.” I suggest that you rent a car for Dallas, Texas. There is so much to see and so much turf to cover that it will work out to be a lower expense than using Uber.

6. Football Pride is at all-time high in Dallas!

I’ve only seen this type of sports pride in Florida in our rival cities of Gainesville and Tallahassee. It seemed like the whole city has an entire closet filled with Dallas Cowboy attire, and I was the only one that didn’t get the memo to wear my shirt.

7. Proud Lone Star State

I can’t tell you the last time that I saw the Florida State flag blowing in the wind in Florida. However, in Texas, the state flag is everywhere. It’s on houses, restaurants, and office buildings. There must be a rule that implies if a monument or building stands higher than nine feet high, a Texas flag must be attached. Maybe there is an incentive or a taxbreak given. I would love to know the secret.

8. Hospitality at its Finest

For all of you rude Floridians (I can say that because I am one; a Floridian, not rude) …. Dallas, Texas has us beat when it comes to hospitality. I met so many friendly strangers that just start a conversation anywhere. They smile when they walk by and say, “Good Morning” too. It’s the strangest thing…they greet people when they see them. It makes sense. We may be one of the most southern states geographically, but southern charm is not our finest attribute. It must be the heat….it makes us a little irritable.

9. Move over “Sunpass”

Dallas, Texas has a very different toll system than we do. The lanes are titled with “credit” or “toll,” and you have to use a ticket, cash, or a credit card to go through. I spent three days in Dallas, Texas and I still don’t get it. Since I was staying at the Grand Hyatt DFW at the airport, a toll had to be paid every time I left the airport region. In Florida, it is a lot simpler. The toll scans your “Sunpass” (small port that you place on your windshield) or your license plate, and then it charges everyone the same fee. It doesn’t document how much time you spent at the airport. It just provides a flat fee for everyone. If you’re from Dallas, Texas please feel free to comment about this toll system. Who came up with this? We need an explanation.

10. Open your mind and Enjoy!

Dallas, Texas is very different from Florida. The landscape, culture, people, and food are unique to this area. Enjoy the open country land, the smell of barbecue, the sounds of boots clicking on the pavement, the neighborly smiles on everyone’s face, and grandiose pride that Dallas, Texas has to offer. I enjoyed my trip, and I encourage you to visit the big city of Dallas, Texas!


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