• Lisa Marie

South City Kitchen: Orange Meets Peach Series

South City Kitchen is a 2 story restaurant, decorated like a southern cottage with a contemporary style. When I walked in the restaurant, I felt like every "Atlanta Housewife" or Georgia reality show that I had seen just came to life. The restaurant was exactly what I thought, or had been told by watching television, that Georgia would be. It was packed. There wasn't an empty seat in the restaurant. Each table buzzed with chatter and laughter. The restaurant was a small Saturday morning beehive and it was still early in the day. The manager was extremely nice and made sure that we were comfortable while we waited for our table. After a short wait, we were placed by a window on the first floor.

The drink choices were great. They were creative and different. "South City Kitchen" understands why people go on vacation and why the locals dine out. I could tell that someone put a lot of thought into the drink names, mixtures, and aesthetics. I ordered the "jumbo lump crab cake hash" without the egg. I have a secret confession to tell you. I don't like eggs! I know, I know. How can I be a foodie without what is deemed as an entire food group to some? So, I can have egg in small doses. For instance, in fried rice or as an ingredient in an item (ex: cake, waffles), but I don't like the smell or texture of eggs. Now that I am trying to get over my nausea...let's resume.

The food was served! One of my cousins ordered waffles and the other ordered a sampler with eggs, bacon, and grits. The drinks and the food was amazing! my crab cake was tasty and a perfect compliment to my hash browns. I cleaned my plate!

Overall, the restaurant is clean, the servers are very patient and efficient, and the food is wonderful. It's a great place to get a southern meal with a contemporary twist.

Extra information: Make a reservation before you go. It will save you some time.

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! I am not a huge breakfast fan and I loved it! It was a great experience. I can't wait to go back for dinner!

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