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Orange Meets Peach: #4

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Oh, the pain! Okay, the pull out bed was worse. It was day 3, and my back pain was increasing by the day. I laid in the bed and wondered if it was too late to get another room with my very own bed. I coughed a few times and I could hear my cousins start to turn in their beds. I thought, maybe if I coughed a little bit longer, a little bit harder they would actually wake up and start our day.....It worked! ; ) They stirred in their beds and started to open their eyes. I know that they secretly wanted to rest for another hour or two, but they pushed themselves to get up. That dry cough of mine suddenly began to subside and we started to get ready for our day.

At the Loews hotel, they provide a complimentary car for their guest to take within 5 miles of the property. I thought this option was pretty nice because it prevented you from needing to use a rental for restaurants or places nearby. Since we were usually not the only one waiting for the hotel car, there was usually about a 5-10 minute wait to leave the hotel. However, with a friendly concierge service, great food/drinks, and the company of my cousins....the wait didn't seem too long. Be careful while booking the complimentary car because some of the staff will tell you to call for the car from your room and others will tell you to book the car in the lobby. So, it can add some confusion of who should receive the car next. One of the managers at the Loew's hotel by the name of Chris tried to make sure that the transitioning between guest went as smoothly as possible.

Once in the car, the driver took us to "South City Kitchen." It was minutes from the hotel and appeared out of nowhere on one of the quieter back roads. It's a 2 story restaurant, decorated like a southern cottage with a contemporary style. When I walked in the restaurant, I felt like every "Atlanta Housewife" or Georgia reality show that I had seen just came to life. The restaurant was exactly what I thought, or had been told by watching television, that Georgia would be. It was packed. There wasn't an empty seat in the restaurant. Each table buzzed with chatter and laughter. The restaurant was a small Saturday morning beehive and it was still early in the day. The manager was extremely nice and made sure that we were comfortable while we waited for our table. After a short wait, we were placed by a window on the first floor.

The drink choices were great. They were creative and different. "South City Kitchen" understands why people go on vacation and why the locals dine out. I could tell that someone put a lot of thought into the drink names, mixtures, and aesthetics. I ordered the "jumbo lump crab cake hash" without the egg. I have a secret confession to tell you. I don't like eggs! I know, I know. How can I be a foodie without what is deemed as an entire food group to some? So, I can have egg in small doses. For instance, in fried rice or as an ingredient in an item (ex: cake, waffles), but I don't like the smell or texture of eggs. Now that I am trying to get over my nausea...let's resume.

The food was served! One of my cousins ordered waffles and the other ordered a sampler with eggs, bacon, and grits. The drinks and the food were amazing! My crab cake was tasty and a perfect compliment to my hash browns. I cleaned my plate!

Once we were done devouring our meal, it was time to head to "Lenox Square" mall. For those of you that are familiar with "Lenox Square" mall, it is definitely not 5 miles from the Loew's hotel. So, get ready to be super proud of me .....I ordered (that can't be the right wording) an Uber for the very first time! Setting it up took a little longer than I thought it would. However, it was the most convenient mode of transportation that I have ever seen in my life. I placed my order for the Uber when the check came and the car was at the restaurant before I even got my credit card back. I still can't believe how fast it was!

We arrived at "Lenox Square" Mall! The mall that Atlanta is known for! The mall of all malls! Hmmm....Can I be honest with you guys? It's just a mall. It's the same mall as any mall in Florida. The only difference is that they have more floors and more Mac stores.

After spending a few hours at the mall, we were getting pretty hungry. So, we stopped at "Fat Matt's Rib Shack" on our way to the hotel. It is known for being one of Atlanta's best rib locations and we were excited to taste it. My cousin Michelle doesn't eat pork, so the rib tasting would be left to my cousin Sandra and me. "Fat Matt's Rib Shack" is a casual dining facility where you order your food at a window, there are busboys on the floor to help you, and they have an area for a live band in the evenings. I ordered the lemonade, ribs, potato salad, and macaroni and cheese. Let's discuss this meal slowly. The lemonade was so sweet I think that I should of taken my blood sugar after the first sip. I have many pregnant friends that could probably drink this lemonade instead of the glucose test given to them at the obstetrician's office. The ribs were disappointing. They weren't horrible, but they weren't good. I made it through 2 and I had to give up. What was happening? We're in the south! There are so many rib places in Florida that are so much tastier. Unfortunately, the macaroni and cheese and potato salad were underwhelming as well.

We got into another Uber and headed back to our hotel. We talked about what we would do on a Saturday night in Atlanta. We didn't want to spend another night in a diner, so one of my cousins mentioned that we should try "Bar Chix." Trina Braxton's new restaurant/lounge. It was a forty minute drive from the hotel so we wanted to call and get some details before we racked up another Uber bill. So, we called, "Bar Chix," and there was no answer. We called again and there was no answer. Then, by the tenth call and reading reviews on-line that stated that they do not answer their phone, we decided to head to the lobby and have a quiet evening. We were disappointed, but we had each other and this trip was about bonding. So, we got up and dragged ourselves to the lobby.

We had no idea that dull Saturday nights did not exist at the Loew's lobby. I was shocked when the elevator doors opened up and we saw a dj setting up, a buzz of people from the wedding receptions that had occurred earlier in the evening. and the best servers and food coming straight out of the "Saltwood" restaurant. What could of been a boring night in, turned into our own Girls Night Out within the hotel. We laughed, we cried, and we told our truths. We bonded.

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