• Lisa Marie

Fat Matt's Rib Shack: Orange Meets Peach Series

We stopped at "Fat Matt's Rib Shack" on our way to our hotel. It is known for being one of Atlanta's best rib locations and we were excited to taste it. "Fat Matt's Rib Shack" is a casual dining facility where you order your food at a window, there are busboys on the floor to help you, and they have an area for a live band in the evenings. I ordered the lemonade, ribs, potato salad, and macaroni and cheese.

Let's discuss this meal slowly. The lemonade was so sweet I think that I should of taken my blood sugar after the first sip. I have many pregnant friends that could probably drink this lemonade instead of the glucose test given to them at the obstetrician's office. The ribs were disappointing. They weren't horrible, but they weren't good. I made it through 2 and I had to give up. What was happening? We're in the south! There are so many rib places in Florida that are so much tastier. Unfortunately, the macaroni and cheese and potato salad were underwhelming as well. My mother and aunt make better potato salad and macaroni and cheese from their kitchens at home.

Extra Information: The prices are decent, the restaurant is small and clean, and the staff is very friendly.

Would I recommend it: No, there has to be better rib shacks in Georgia. If not, we can definitely show you where to go in Florida.


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