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Orange Meets Peach: #3

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I woke up to a dark room in a double bed that was obviously not made for two people. With a crick in my neck, and a dull ache on my back, I lied there wondering if there was any possibility of me falling back asleep. After tossing for a few minutes, and knowing that my cousins would definitely not be getting up any time soon.... I got up and decided to explore the city. Okay, maybe not the city, but a 5 minute walking distance in each direction of the hotel. Atlanta is such an interesting city. The full, lush, green trees swayed over the sidewalks to provide a covering every step of the way. The city's southern roots weren't always transparent. The people of Atlanta seemed so diverse. It was actually hard for me to find someone that could say that they were born in Georgia. Everyone that I met told me that they had migrated from another southern, mid-west, or northern state. Atlanta had a faint rush of people walking to their jobs or next destination. However, no one seemed to be on a rush, it was more of a mid-west city buzz; similar to downtown Fort Lauderdale but with a northern, more urban feeling.

I stopped by "Saltwood," a restaurant on the premises of the Loews hotel on the way back from my walk. One of the servers told me about the salad bar that they offered, so I thought that I would try it. I don't usually like to dine alone, but my cousins were still asleep and I was starting to hear my stomach grumble. I joined the salad bar line, which is not your typical salad bar. They have some of the freshest ingredients lined up to place in a bowl. You pick your lettuce, salad accessories, salad dressing, and protein. The protein wasn't cold strips of turkey or chicken offered at other build-your-salad spots. It was grilled steak, chicken, or shrimp. You could pick one or all three! Even more shocking, the entire lunch was less than $15! I wish that I could wrap this place up and take it back to Florida!

By the time I returned to the hotel room, my cousins and I were ready to go to the spa. There was a spa at our hotel called, "Exhale," but we wanted a white robe experience, with champagne, and pampering all day. After much research, we found exactly what we were looking for at the "Bliss" spa at the W Hotel. It's in downtown Atlanta, and it took us less than 10 minutes to get there from our hotel (by car). The spa was nice. However, I must say that Florida spas are much more grand. We changed in the lockers into our white robes. Then, we were placed in a sitting room. You literally sit between two love seat chairs and enjoy your champagne, cheese and crackers, and sweets. I must say that the treats were very tasty. After a few minutes, we were taken away to our massages. I received the deep tissue massage. It was amazing! The pressure was great, the masseuse paid attention to the places that I told her that were tense, and I've never had a sugar scrub applied to my back. The sugar scrub was a really cool experience. The texture is a great addition to the massage, and I am convinced that it should be added to the end of every massage. My cousins enjoyed their massages just as much as I did. Just as we were about to explore the remainder of the Bliss spa....we were told that we would not be able to have any further services, unless we didn't mind being locked in the hotel. Yeah, that relaxing story just went south, right? I know. However, it was for a good reason. There was a scheduled "Black Lives Matter" march so the staff told us that hotel was going to lock their doors to protect their hotel guests. We left the spa with a damper because we were just getting relaxed, and we would of scheduled our massage on another day if we had been informed of the march when we booked our reservations.

However, we decided to push through and try to figure out what to do next on our Georgia tour. We wanted to spend the night laughing, so we figured that a comedy club would be a perfect fit for our night. Interestingly enough, we were told by a few people that comedy clubs seem to open and shut down rather quickly in Atlanta. Which was surprising because I couldn't imagine why a comedy club wouldn't do well, especially in Atlanta. My other cousins, who live in Atlanta decided to take us to a comedy club. I was stoked! I was going to get to see the Atlanta night life. So, my cousin and his wife pulled up to our hotel to "take us out on the town." However, the ride ended at "Punchline Comedy Club." So, this is a diner that turned a portion of the restaurant into a comedy club. Yes, a diner that has been transformed into a comedy club. I thought I was being "Punked," on candid camera, or at least on "America's Funniest Videos." Upon entry, the comedy club attendants ask if you if you're going to pay by cash or with a credit card. When we said credit card, they took out their phones to take our information to place it in their online system on their personal cell phone because they did not have a credit card machine, smart chip, or any way of taking payment through a credit line. Needless to say, this is not what we expected our night out in Atlanta to be like. The comedy show was pretty empty, but at this point there was no turning back. The front runners were pretty bad, but the Headliner and the act before him made up for it.

That night, we laughed ourselves to sleep. Not due to the jokes, but our big night out in Atlanta was definitely not what we expected. I climbed in to the pull out sleeping couch to get a little more room, and I fell asleep with a smile on my face as I thought about our big night out at the diner.

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