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Salsa Fiesta - "An Easy Choice"

As you all know, I love Mexico and nothing brings me back to my second home (after Florida, of course) than some good Mexican food. On Sunday, my husband and I did our usual after-church shuffle. The shuffle includes him asking me, "where do you want to go to for lunch?" and then I reply with a few answers and he shoots them down for whatever his reason may be that day, and then he calls out a few random restaurants that he knows that I would never eat at, just to say that he put in a few suggestions. However, this Sunday was completely different. He said, "where do you want to have lunch? Then, I said, "Let's try "Salsa Fiesta" (as I scrolled through restaurants on my phone), it's the number one restaurant in Miami Lakes." He actually replied by saying, "okay." I didn't blink, I didn't question it, I just went with the flow; the nice easy breezy flow that just came into the car.

We arrived at "Salsa Fiesta" and I was very pleased. It is a casual Mexican eatery, but it has a really cool atmosphere. A few of the walls were painted black with cool art work and sayings that boasted their fresh and natural ingredients.

Our server was extremely friendly and efficient. I was really intrigued by the drink menu because it wasn't limited to your usual fountain drinks, lemonade, and alcoholic drinks. They had "Agua de Jamaica, Tamarindo, and Horchata" drink among other cocktails, and non-alcoholic /alcoholic beverages. Having Jamaican roots, I had to find out what "agua de Jamaica" was because I had never heard of (translation) "Jamaican water." So, as soon as our server brought it out, I recognized the burgundy concoction! The "Agua de Jamaica" is what Jamaicans call Sorrel. Sorrel is a festive Jamaican drink that comes from the Hibiscus flower. It is usually served during the holiday season. I wasn't sure how it ended up in a Mexican restaurant, but I was very proud to see that my roots made it to the menu. Tamarindo, from the tamarind is a sweet juice that can be found in the Caribbean and Central America. However, the drink that knocked my socks off was the Horchata. To my understanding, it is a drink made from rice and sugars. It was such a new taste for my palate. It looked milky, but it tasted soft and sweet. It was really refreshing!

We chose the tostones for our appetizer. One serving is enough for two-four people. It is fried plaintain, topped with beans, cheese, your choice of cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole, and sour cream. I wasn't sure If I was going to like it because tostones can be a little dry to me, but I loved it! It was like having a nacho supreme meal with tostones instead of chips.

For our main course, we had the fajitas. My husband ordered the chicken fajitas and I ordered the steak fajitas. They came out piping hot and even tastier than they look (see below). All of the ingredients were very fresh and tasted much better than the comparable restaurants in the same price range, like "Lime" and "Chipotle." Trust me, the price may be similar but there is no comparison in the quality.

Our dessert was divine! We shared a dessert called the "Mayan Roll." It is two chocolate filled crispy flour tortillas made with dulce de leche. In addition, chocolate sauce and whipped cream are served on the side. It was so good!

Extra information: The manager and staff make you feel like you're a part of the family! They'll keep making entree suggestions until you have to roll yourself out of the store. : ) I almost did! The restaurant is clean and the prices are reasonable. It is in a cool little shopping plaza, so you can burn off the carbs with a little shopping after.

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! It's a great place to have lunch when you're at the office or to meet a few friends.

Extra information: The store is very clean. The prices are reasonable.

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