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Orange Meets Peach # 2

Blog #1 of 5: http://www.thefloridapalate.com/single-post/2016/09/29/Orange-Meets-Peach---1

Blog #2: The day had finally come! It was time to go to Georgia, and I was excited to let my girls' trip begin. All of of my fears were currently in the back of my mind, and all I could think of was my mini-vacation ahead of me. My husband drove me to the airport. I wish that I could say that we spent our last moments professing our love for each other and expressing how much we would miss each other. However, I spent most of the drive taking selfies to share with you about my trip and engaged in conversation in between snaps. Don't feel bad for my husband, he took work phone calls every few minutes and listened to his Joel Osteen radio station in the background. Don't judge us....it works! : D

When we arrived at the airport, I hopped out of the car like a kid heading off to summer camp. My husband went to the rear of the car to grab my bags. I gave him a kiss, short enough to stop him from getting embarrassed by the curbside watchers and long enough to let us both know that this would be the last kiss for a few days. My husband got in his car and I pretended to cry until I could no longer make eye contact with his eyes in his rear view mirror. END SCENE - I know, I'm so dramatic.

I headed to my gate, I repeated the gate number in my head as if I would forget it or go to the wrong gate if I stopped. After double checking a few boards to confirm my gate number a few times (I know...OCD tendencies), I stood near my gate and gathered around the crack pipe (aka the portal with plugs to charge the public's electronics) with most of the other Southwest passengers. As I stood and waited, I caught a glimpse of a familiar face, bouncing fire-red hair, and a big smile. It was my cousin, Sandra. We decided to fly into Georgia together. I haven't seen her in almost a year, but we fell right into sync with each other. I blurted out the last few months of my life even before Southwest had a chance to call my position to line up at the gate.

On the plane, Sandra sat at the window, and I sat in the middle seat (you know that I love her because I let her have the window seat). Jay, our new friend that we just met on the plane joined in on our conversation. Jay is a Floridian that currently lives in Georgia. He's about 5"7, in his mid-thirties, and is of Indian descent. He is the perfect travel stranger. He brought his laptop to get work done, but he was so engaged and friendly. He gave us tips into the Atlanta food scene, shared things that we should do when we arrived, and joined in on the conversations.

When we arrived in Atlanta, I was pleasantly surprised by the airport. This southern state put the Ft. Lauderdale airport to shame. It was busy, modern, and aesthetically appealing. Our third link, my cousin Michelle, was outside waiting for us. When Sandra and I saw her, we exchanged long hugs and stares. Our trio had finally come to fruition....all the WhatsApp messages, plans, and emoticons were suddenly a reality; our reality.

It was dark by now. However, I tried to capture as many photos of the city of Atlanta as we drove to the hotel. I took dark pictures of Atlanta that were almost impossible to see. However, my photos, that looked more like negatives couldn't bring down my Georgia high.

We slowly pulled into the entryway of the Loews hotel, our home for the next few days. Upon entry, it looked regal. It possessed the sophistication that I would expect from a Loews hotel, but with a southern flair. In Florida, we have a very relaxed and casual culture. So, it is not as common to see bellman and front door hospitality dressed as nicely as the northern hotels. Yes, Georgia is geographically "north" of Florida.

Upon walking into the hotel, we were immediately impressed by the entrance. The lobby was lively. There was such an energetic ambiance filled with people talking, laughing, and enjoying drinks by the bar. We made our way up to our room where we had our suite with 2 double beds and a pull-out couch. The room was nice, it was contemporary and sleek. In addition, we had a really nice view of the city!

We topped the night off by walking to "Taco Mac," a local sport's bar where we had some pretty bad dinner with low quality products. The servers were nice and I am sure that many people go to this pub to catch a game, but this is not the place to go to to taste the best that Georgia has to offer.

We went back to the hotel and spent the next four-five hours, laughing, crying, and sharing some of the most monumental moments in our life.

Stay tuned for blog #3.............


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