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Orange Meets Peach - #1

As you all know, my roots are in New York, but I am a Florida girl to the bone. I have only visited a few states in the US, and I tend to stick to the states that I know. Due to the tropical climate in Florida, when it's time to go on vacation I pick the sunshine and beaches here, or I go to an even hotter climate in the Caribbean or Central America. It's really hard to leave paradise, put on a winter coat and head north. However, it's time to start shaking things up!

My cousins, Sandra and Michelle, invited me to join them on a girls' trip to Georgia! I was really excited about this invite for several reasons. First, I've never had a real girls' trip. I've spent a night in a new town with a friend, but we were back home by the next day. So, sharing a room (yes, I said one room) with two other women for three nights was both exciting and scary for me. Exciting for the obvious reasons...I love to travel so I'm excited to go anywhere new. Scary because I could only think of the bathroom situation, what I would do in the morning since I'm an early riser, or even at night time when I was ready to go to bed and everyone else was just getting started. Breathe, I told myself. We would figure it out, and really...that's what girls' trips are about; learning about each other. Second, I had never been to Georgia! Literally, I drove on the highway through Georgia on my trips from New York to Florida. However, I could never get a sense of the state because all I could see was gravel ahead of me and trees on the left and right. So, exploring a new state, especially a state that is known for its southern culture, beautiful landscape, and diverse people was very appealing.

Meet my cousins - You're going to see pictures of them for the next few weeks, so you might as well get to know them from now.

Michelle - this is my cousin from Toronto, Canada. Doesn't that sound fancy?! I met her about 16 years ago. Due to distance and family ties, we didn't have an opportunity to create a cousin relationship from birth. However, we are definitely making up for lost time. She's quiet at times, but she can be the comedian in the room at other times. She's so caring and nurturing that you immediately feel a "big sister" presence when you're around her. She loves to travel and bonding with her family is really important to her. She has taught me to be more comfortable in my skin, how to be a "girl's girl," and that a pair of the right sunglasses can change your whole outfit!

Sandra - she's also my cousin. She is originally from New York, but after a few visits to Florida she became a resident and joined us in the Sunshine state about 12 years ago. She looks and acts just like my mother, which is always comforting to have around. She loves to travel and try new foods. She's a woman filled with so much wisdom and sound advice. I confide in her quite often. She has taught me to become a stronger woman, that great interpersonal skills go a long way, and how to be myself without apologies.

As you can see, I chose great travel partners. Now, the rest was up to Georgia. We all had Georgia on our mind and we were ready to go! We decided to stay at the Loews Hotel in (Midtown) Atlanta, Georgia because it is pretty central to the airport, mall, and a lot of tourist items that Atlanta has to offer. I was looking forward to tasting new restaurants, getting pampered at a spa, sightseeing, and lots of girl time.

Stay tuned to read about day 1....


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