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Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso: European Romance Meets Mexico

Every year, my husband and I try to go somewhere new and exciting for our anniversary. We both feel that the greatest anniversary gift that we can give to each other are memories that will last a lifetime. On this particular anniversary, we chose to go to Iberostar Grand in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We didn't know what to expect. However, the vacation that we received was better than we could have ever imagined.

As soon as we stepped onto the property, we were greeted with a cool cloth to wipe our hands and a choice of champagne or a refreshing mixed drink. Of course, you know me, I took the (virgin) mixed drink. I like anything frozen, and especially because I'm a lightweight. I spoke to myself on the flight and mentally prepared myself not to drink the water in Mexico because I didn't want this anniversary to be memorable for the wrong reasons. However, I drank the initial drink offered and every other drink given on the property, and I was fine. When you stay at a hotel of this caliber, they make sure that they filter the water in all of their beverages. The only water you have to be careful with is the the water supplied from the sink and the shower.

Quality: The hotel is literally on its own property. You drive through the gates and pass other Iberostar properties, and a small plaza/eatery used by all of the Iberostar guests from the different resorts on the property. The driver takes you all the way to the end of the property to the grandest of all the properties.....the Iberostar Grand. As a guest here, you are at an adult all-inclusive and you can resort hop to all of the other properties, but the guests at the other properties are not allowed to go to the Grand.

The premises are decorated in a European royal motif, with a Spanish influence. Everything is very monumental and majestic. The property is huge! Our room was an oceanfront suite , so we had to use a golf cart to get to our room. The resort had attendants that drove us around the property at any time to assist with the distance.

The rooms are very spacious and romantic. The European decor continues throughout the room. For me personally, this decor creates one of the most beautiful resorts that I have ever seen. However, I would have preferred a more modern bathroom.

The restaurants at this resort are really authentic. I really enjoyed the buffet by the pool/beach for both breakfast and lunch. Dinners were very good, but some of the restaurants are very European. So, when you go to the Italian restaurant (picture to the left), it will not taste like the American style Italian dishes that you may be used to in the US.

Service: The service is outstanding. I was blown away each day! Our personal butler catered to our every need. The staff listened to my needs and desires. They genuinely wanted me to have an amazing time. The entertainment staff knew our names, and they would get excited when they saw us around the resort.

Cleanliness: The hotel is clean. I had to have the butler change the cushions on the balcony for cleaner cushions. However, everything else on the property is watched with a fine tooth comb.

Price: I believe that this hotel is similar in price to the higher rated hotels in the hotel district of Cancun.

Experience: The day entertainment team is good, they get you engaged with the planned activities. However, they scheduled isn't as active as other hotels in Mexico. My husband and I weren't too interested in the night entertainment offered, and it worked out well because we were so tired from our day excursions that we didn't have a chance to think about night entertainment. The room also has a dvd player, so on one night we picked a dvd from the resort's dvd library and enjoyed a movie in our room.

Overall, I really enjoyed this trip. It felt like I was on my honeymoon. It's extrmemly romantic and the area offers so many adventurous excursions.The beach is much calmer here than in Cancun, so you should enjoy a nice swim in the clear blue sea!

You have to go and visit Xcaret! It is the Mexican Disney World. Don't get discouraged by the cost, Xcaret is filled with food, history, water activities, and a live show in the evening. It was the highlight of our trip. Just remember to bring insect spray.

Would I recommend it? Yes! It is a great resort in the heart of Playa Del Carmen! Email me at contactus@thefloridapalate.com if you have any questions or comments about this resort.

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