• Lisa Marie

Courtyard Tampa Brandon: An "upscale" hotel?

I went to Tampa last week to taste cupcakes, try new restaurants, and of course go to my sister-in-law's graduation. Hopefully, my sister-in-law, Andrea, is not reading this post because in her mind I came solely for her! Since I would only be staying in Tampa for one night, my husband suggested that we stay at the "Courtyard Tampa Brandon" because it is close to Andrea's house and the price is very reasonable. As much as I love a Marriott luxury hotel, I understood his logic and agreed to stay at what they call one of their "upscale" hotels, the "Courtyard Tampa Brandon" location.

When we arrived at the hotel, I looked around, and it looked the same way it did on my previous trip four years ago when my sister-in-law graduated with her previous degree. I know, she's racking up the degrees left and right. We are very proud of her (if she is reading, I think that I just saved myself).

Quality: I've been to many Marriott Courtyard hotels in my lifetime, and nothing about this hotel is "upscale." Let me explain. If you're on a road trip, plan to have a very short stay, or are searching for a reasonable price, this may the hotel for you. However, it doesn't provide the luxury or accommodations of a vacation hotel. The lobby has been completed in the traditional Courtyard appearance with bold colors, complimentary breakfast section, and a complete snack section. There are two pools, one inside and the other is outside. I still get confised when I see an indoor pool in Florida because we are the sunshine state. However, as we all know, it seems to rain almost as much as the sun shines in the summer months so the "Courtyard Tampa Brandon" offers both options.

Service: The front desk service personnel are very friendly. They provide a detailed explanation about the times of operation for breakfast and their snack center. This hotel's only other service would be housekeeping because they do not provide other amenities at this "upscale" hotel.

Cleanliness: The room is pretty clean, with the exception of the strand of hair in the refrigerator. As you get to know me, the only place I ever want to see a strand of hair is on someone's head. Overall, in regards to cleanliness, I felt comfortable sleeping in the bed and using the bathroom.

Price: We used our Marriott points, so I did not have to pay with cash/card. However, when I looked up the prices they were very reasonable.

Experience: I've been to this hotel on two occasions, and I think this may have been my last visit. I am sure that Tampa has other hotels at a reasonable price with better accommodations.

Would I recommend it: It wasn't an awful experience. It was just very average and uninspiring. I wasn't impressed. I also think that Marriott is hurting their brand by calling this an "upscale" hotel line. Therefore, no, I would not recommend it.

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