• Lisa Marie

My Move To Florida

Every New Yorker loves to vacation in Florida, but moving here is a completely different story. You’ll hear every excuse in the book from “Florida is too slow” to “How will I get around without a car?” to “I can’t live in a place that doesn’t have a corner store!”

When I was eight years old, I moved to Florida. I wasn’t wise enough or aware enough to understand how much my life would change. Who knew how much my life could change from moving from what I thought was the suburban life of Long Island (Elmont), New York to the small city life of Weston, Florida. I left friends, family, and a whole way of life for the complete antithesis of everything I ever knew. My family and I moved to Florida for several reasons. Mostly because my mother suffers from arthritis and the cold winters of New York were becoming harder for her to bare, but also because my grandmother lived in Miami and my mother wanted to be closer to her.

My mother used manipulation to place a spin on our move. She placed icing all over the idea by promising a pool in the backyard, summer all year long (as if she had a magic wand to block every cold front), and a bigger house with my own bathroom. As any eight-year old knows, she had me sold at the pool in the backyard. I was ready to go upstairs and pack my bags before we even put the "for sale" sign out in the yard.

Moving to Weston, right next to Davie, FL, in 1991 was quite a culture shock. I grew up on the outskirts of New York City and ended up in rural land next to Davie, FL. In Davie, Florida there were cow pastures on every corner, people horseback riding for recreation in the street, and land as far as your eyes could see. As a New York girl, corners were made for stores, horses were seen at the racetrack, and the only land that I was used to seeing were abandoned homes or buildings that were being torn down so that another building could be built.

I spoke, ate, and lived differently than my South Florida peers. Yet, with time I adjusted. With time, I became a Floridian. With time, I began to love it. Time changes all things because Florida has become my home and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Stay tuned to our blog as I share the last 26 years of my life in Florida, explaining my experiences, my palate, and how Florida molded me into the woman that I am today.


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