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NYPD Pizza: A Taste Of NY Pizza In Orlando

While visiting Orlando this year, my husband was working at the hotel and I was on a mission to have a weekend full of good food and great spa treatments. I happened to come across a restaurant advertising New York pizza. I laughed to myself. I knew that if I drove to get this pizza it could only go one of two ways. Either I was going to absolutely love this pizza or be uttererly disappointed that someone was actually trying to clone the pizza of my hometown and failed. I'm a New Yorker and the pickiest pizza eater you can find. I called the pizza shop, placed my order, and decided to give them a chance. “Could we really have New York pizza in Florida?” I asked myself as I drove in a thunderstorm to pick up my pizza. Yes, you read that last line correctly. I could have ordered food from the comfort of my hotel room, but when it comes to a food mission, I’m persistent or just greedy. I ordered a half pepperoni and half cheese pizza. Also, after receiving suggestions from the extremely pleasant and friendly manager, I ordered a meat lover's pizza.

Quality: In the stores defense, I had to drive 20 min to get back to my hotel so the pizza wasn't piping hot (the way I like it). However, even despite the wait time, the cheese and pepperoni was a very close match to authentic NY pizza. I’m not a huge meat lover’s pizza fan, nor have I ever eaten meat lover's pizza in NY so I'm not the best judge. However, the meat lover’s pizza was quite tasty. I was actually pretty impressed with the pizza. Did I get transported back to the big apple upon eating the pizza? No, I could tell the difference. However, it's on the top five of closest matches to NY pizza that I have tried.

Service: This restaurant has two locations. The owner and the staff definitely treat their customers well. They really want you to enjoy your meal, and take the time to help you pick the best dish to fit your preference.

Cleanliness: The restaurant is very clean and everything is in its appropriate place.

Price: The prices are comparable to any individually owned pizza location.

Experience: I really liked this restaurant. Good people, great food, and acknowledgement for my hometown.

Would I recommend it: Yes! I would like to wish this restaurant years of success! Thank you for giving Orlando a taste​​.of NY!

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