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Dreams Riviera Cancun: Should Family Resorts Be Held To The Same Standard As The Adults-Only Resorts

As a true Floridian, I love every inch of Florida. However, every now and then every Floridian decides to leave this sunshine state and travel to another location. As I waited in anticipation for my vacation at "Secrets Maroma" this summer, I was thrilled that my parents and nieces were going to Mexico at the same time! Since my nieces are 11 and 17 years old, my parents could not stay at the coveted "Secrets" resort on this trip. So, they decided to stay at what they thought would be the next best thing, "Dreams Riviera Cancun." "Dreams Riviera Cancun" is a family all-inclusive resort that is in the same family as the "Secrets" brand. Since my parents vacationed with me last year at "Secrets The Vine," they were expecting the same experience at "Dreams Riviera Cancun."

My parents and nieces went to Mexico two days before me, and on the first night I already heard the complaints from my Dad and a positive report from my mother. My father, is quite picky. He only likes Jamaican food and his diet is so restricted that I sometimes wonder if hamsters have a wider variety of food to choose from. My mother on the other hand, raved about the premises. She stated that the "Dreams Riviera Cancun" is a beautiful resort on a great beach. She said the the kids had so much fun by the pool and made great friendships. However, the one thing that all four of them agreed on was that the food at the resort was not that great. As often as I travel to Mexico, I have only had two poor food experiences in Mexico ("ME" resort in Cancun and "Sun Palace" in Cancun), so I just thought that they were being pick eaters in a new country.

When I arrived in Mexico, I wanted to enjoy the fun and the sun with my family at the "Dreams Riviera Cancun" so I made plans to visit them on my second day in Mexico.The hotel arranged for me to take a taxi to their resort. As I arrived at to the entrance of the "Dreams Riviera Cancun," I was impressed. It was grand and open. The layout was so spacious and welcoming. The lobby was filled with so many areas to congregate with family, meet new people, and enjoy live music. I walked through the lobby and went down the corridor. Ahead of me, I could see pools and the beach in the distance, to the right and left were rooms and restaurants. It really is an inviting resort.

My family wanted to take me to the hibachi restaurant. Even though they were not impressed with the other restaurants, the hibachi, in their opinion was the best out of their choices. At this point, I didn't understand all of the phone calls from my family. The resort was beautiful and it seemed like a great location to have a great time. As I was about to roll my eyes at their lack of appreciation for an amazing vacation, the food started to be served. The salad wasn't my favorite, but it wasn't noteworthy. Then, the soup was served. Once again, nothing to go crazy about, but it could be eaten.... until my husband placed his spoon in his soup and saw a strand of hair. Yes, you don't need to reread the last sentence. There was a hair in his soup! My husband pushed his soup to the side. The servers that were standing at the table quickly took the soup to the kitchen and another gentleman came out and apologized. We appreciated the apology, but you and I both know that its a huge turn off to see hair in your food. As we all pushed our soups to the side, the main course from the hibachi was served. The fried rice was hard and the shrimp and steak that was served were definitely of a different level of quality than the food served in the hibachi restaurant at "Secrets Maroma." Even the fried ice cream was disappointing. My parents and nieces looked at me. Their eyes said,"we told you." I sighed, I felt so bad for questioning their comments. They were right, and if this was one of the better locations, I wondered about the food at the other "Dreams" restaurants.

In "Dreams Riviera Cancun's" defense, I did not stay at their resort like my parents and nieces did. So, my experience is only based on a 4 hour visit. However, I was disappointed for my family because I recommended this hotel for them based on my love of the "Secrets" brand. As a foodie, food can make or break a vacation for me, and they were not pleased with this food for four nights! I would have left!

Overall, I think that "Dreams" has created a nice premise of paradise in regards to cosmetic appeal. The question is, should the family all-inclusive resorts be held to the same standards for food as the adult all-inclusive resorts? Think of all of your family/adult all-inclusive resorts. Can you expect the same quality of food at "Beaches" as "Sandals" or at "Iberostar Suites" as "Iberostar Grande."

Please send me an email or comment if you have stayed at "Dreams Riviera Cancun." Did they just have a bad week with my family and an embarrassing night with me? Are the other restaurants better? Should we expect the food at the family resort to taste as good as the adult resort? I am really open to hearing what happened here. Let us know your thoughts!

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