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9 Tips For Your First Time In South Florida

Traveling to South Florida, my home region, is like going to another country. We are extremely different than the rest of the country. However, that’s why you’re coming to visit us. We have the sunshine, beaches, diversity, great culture, amazing food, and an assortment of people to learn about.

1. Stay by the beach

Where there is water, you will find restaurants, night life, and plenty of things to do. And of course, you’ll have the beach! There are beautiful beaches all over South Florida,on both coasts, and in Northern Florida. If you’re looking for the party scene, Miami Beach will be your best choice. If you want something a little calmer, the beaches in Broward and Palm Beach County would be better for you. However, if you're looking for a tranquil and relaxing environment, the beaches on the west coast would be your best option. You can always drive inland to meet your other Florida needs if you desire to go to the mall, see the Everglades, or visit friends or family.

2. Explore South Beach in the day and the night

In the day, South beach has great shopping, wholesome family life, and great restaurants to choose from. In the night, South Beach becomes a party strip with an assortment of places to go to dance, drink, and meet new people. You can almost see the transformation occur as the sun sets. Even if you’re not into the “party scene” it’s nice to see South Beach come alive at night at least once.

3. Walk the length of the Sawgrass Mills Mall

The Sawgrass Mills Mall is located in Sunrise, Florida. It is one of the largest outlet malls in the United States and it continues to grow. It has over 350 retail stores. The prices are great, the store choices are vast, and you’re bound to find something that you like.

4. Visit the Everglades

You can’t come to Florida without seeing an alligator, or two, or twenty. So, do a boat tour, an alligator show, or just watch our wildlife from afar. The Everglades offers shows, tours, and adventures for the most conservative tourist to our biggest dare devils!

5. Visit the Seminole Hard Rock Casino

There’s so much to do in one location! There’s a hotel and spa, casino, restaurants, clubs, and live entertainment all at one location. There's something for everyone! You can take the kids for a show, a meal, and stop by an ice cream shop. The college students tend to enjoy the club scene. I personally love to stop by the comedy club. Also, others just enjoy a quiet dinner, walk through the premises, or the live bands that play on the weekends.

7. Visit the Miami Metro Zoo

Although this may be the hottest place in South Florida, it’s worth a trip to see all of the amazing animals and shows for the kids. It's a beautiful zoo with animals native to Florida and from all over the world! I like to take my nieces and goddaughters here for a day of fun. Tip: try not to go in the summer because they do not have a lot of coverage from the sun, bring bottled water, and wear your sunscreen.

8. Go to Bayside!

Bayside is such a great spot for tourist! It is an area of land surrounded by a park, downtown Miami, the arena, and water as far as you can see. It has restaurants, boat tours to see the houses of local celebrities, live music, and everything essential to South Florida living.

9. Eat lots of food!

It’s everywhere. Enjoy the most authentic foods from the "South" (Southern United States), every Caribbean island, Central America, and South America. Check out our website (www.thefloridapalate.com) for reviews of the restaurants.

South Florida looks forward to your visit! Email contactus@thefloridapalate.com for questions or comments about South Florida. Stay tuned for tips on Central and North Florida!

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