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9 Travel Tips For Floridians Flying In and Out Of Cancun, Mexico

1. Be careful with the quantity of fluid in your carry-on luggage - In the US, you have to have less than 4 oz of fluid in your carry-on luggage to board a plane. However, in Mexico you have to have less than 3 oz of fluid. So, just because you flew to Mexico with a 4 oz container doesn't mean that you can fly back to the US with the same container of fluid.

2. Luggage prices may change - You may need to pay for your luggage on the way back to the US even though you didn't pay for it on the way to Mexico. This rule doesn't apply to Mexico specifically. Some airlines will have you pay to check your bags even though you didn't pay on the first half of your round trip ticket.

3. When flying back to the US, go to the airport in Cancun 3 hours before your flight - the day and the time greatly changes the amount of people in line. However, to avoid any necessary stress, go to the airport 3 hours ahead of your flight to avoid long lines or missing your flight.

4. Taped suitcases - As you walk through the airport, you will see people using wrapping machines to tape their suitcases. I have been told that this is used as an extra form of security. If you are traveling from Cancun to Florida, I do not believe that it is necessary to use this taping/wrapping machine. I have gone to Mexico almost 10 times and I have never used this machine, and my belongings have been fine.

5. Restaurants - There are a lot of restaurant and kiosk choices in the airport in Cancun. You will be able to choose from Mexican and American options, known and new franchises, and places to dine or grab your food to go. I've eaten at "Friday's," "Bubba Gump," and "Wolf Gang Puck's" restaurant. I am not a big "Friday's" fan in the US so you can't expect more than this casual restaurant offers in the US. "Bubba Gump" used to be my restaurant of choice because they offered free wi-fi. However, for the last few years they can no longer offer free wi-fi because the airport officials wanted all the people at the airport to pay for their internet access. "Wolf Gang Puck" is pretty good. They offer food that you can easily carry on the plane. I really enjoyed my pina colada, turkey sandwich, and my salad with vinaigrette dressing.

6. Different shoe rules - You do not need to take off your shoes when going through the airport in Mexico.

7. Airport shopping - There are many locations to get last minute souvenirs but expect to pay more than you would at the mall or local stores in Mexico. Some stores may ask you to show your passport and boarding pass to buy products.

9. Make-up - Don't get your make-up done in the MAC store unless you are fluent in Spanish or someone in the store speaks English. I tried to get my make-up done with my limited Spanish vocabulary and it didn't go so well. Let's just say that my eyebrows look muy fuerte and muy negro!

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