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Secrets Maroma Beach: The Food Experience

Taking a foodie to a "Secrets" resort is like taking a kid to a candy store. This all inclusive resort has flavor around every corner to scintillate your taste buds. I plan to provide you with a detailed review of the food and drinks around the resort and each specific restaurant from "The Florida Palate" perspective.

Drinks - From the entrance of the resort, to the pool, to the beach, to the restaurants, and even in the comfort of your bed...."Secrets Maroma Beach's" staff make sure that you have a drink in your hand at all times. When you enter the resort, you are greeted with a glass of champagne with a cherry placed at the stem. This is your first drink of many! So, enjoy!

There is a swim-up bar in the pool,and staff members around the pool provide you with drinks and treats throughout the day as well. Secrets does not skimp on the alcoholic drinks at all! My husband and I actually had to say, "light on the alcohol" when ordering because we're lightweights and Secrets does not water down their alcohol or cut corners like some resorts. Also, they offer premium liquor and you can tell that it is of the highest quality. As you know, I am a pina colada girl, so I know you guys are waiting to hear my thoughts. The virgin pina colada and strawberry daiquiri are pretty good, but I have honestly tasted better at a few resorts in the Caribbean. However, the pina colada or strawberry daquiri with alcohol does taste a lot better. My drink of choice while at Secrets, and most resorts in Mexico, is the Sangria.

Room refrigerator - The refrigerator is stocked with orange juice, soda, water, and beer. If you want a different alcoholic beverage or bottle, it has to be ordered through room service. If you want snacks to be included, you have to be a part of the "Secrets Club," which is a higher price point.

Room Service - The room service is exceptional! They are timely, pay attention to detail, and the food is served as nicely as if you had dined in the restaurant. My husband ordered the fajitas and he stated that it was the best that he had every had in his life! I tasted his nachos and they were incredible! We were very impressed with room service!


For breakfast you can eat at the main buffet below the lobby or, the "Coco Cafe", which is a small cafe along the side of the lobby.

The breakfast buffet is absolutely incredible! There is something for everyone at breakfast. There are sections with traditional Mexican food and American food, there are chefs making omelets and Mexican cusine, and cold or to-go items. There is even a juicing station to provide you with a 100% natural fruit drink. At the buffet, you can dine inside or outside. Since our trip was in July, we chose to dine inside for all of our meals because it was extremely hot outside.

At the "Coco Cafe," they have coffee, tea, and treats to have a simple breakfast. I saw most people going here for a quick bite before an excursion or just to hang out.


For lunch, there are a few options, but it is more than you will ever need. You can eat at the lunch buffet right below the lobby, a smaller lunch buffet by the pool, or the Seaside Grill by the pool.

The lunch buffet by the lobby is amazing! I looked forward to eating here each day! Similar to breakfast, they have a wide variety of American and Mexican prepared dishes. However, they also have a pasta station to make any type of pasta dish that you would like. For dessert, there is an entire section dedicated to your sweet tooth, including an ice cream station. The food is delicious!

The poolside buffet is very convenient and the food is made with such a high quality. They're not just serving you hamburgers and hotdogs, like most poolside buffets. In addition to burgers, Secrets Maroma has steak, chicken, and fish on the grill, and they provide a different theme of food each day. I was really impressed!

Seaside Grill - We had our first meal at the "Seaside grill." It is an open outdoor restaurant that serves lunch right by the pool. This is actually my least favorite location for lunch. The buffet by the pool and under the lobby is much better. At the "Seaside Grill," I had the ribeye sandwich and the french fries. The meal was okay but it can't stand next to the other choices offered at this resort. My recommendation is to skip it altogether.


For dinner, there are so many choices that I didn't even get to try them all during my five-night stay. Dinner options include night buffets by the pool,

Night Buffet Dinners - When you think of a buffet, you may think of the local buffets in your town or the buffets you see on cruise ships. Wipe every memory of those buffets away. "Secrets Maroma" will completely change your outlook on buffets. These buffets are not available every night, but I was able to attend two of them during my stay. The first night at the resort, there was a buffet by the pool that offered exquisite prepared meals to choose from, chefs on the grill, and entertainment in the pool, above the gazebo, and trained acrobats performing off of the roofs with fire on the nearby buildings! The next buffet that I attended had a Mexican theme with great food choices, beautiful decor, and an entire Mexican show!

Oceania - This was my least favorite restaurant. It is an outdoor dinner restaurant by the pool. The food is decent. The filet on the surf and turf was not that great, but the "chocolate noghat" dessert was very tasty. Overall, the experience was not as stellar as the other restaurants, and it was actually disappointing. There are long waits between entrees, the server was not outgoing and he did not engage with us at all. The good news is that this is the only restaurant that left me with a dull experience. Maybe, this restaurant was having a rough night. Let us know if you have a better experience!

Himitsu - This is an Asian restaurant located near the lobby. You can make reservations to dine at a hibachi table or you can sit at regular dinner table and order from a full menu. We chose to sit at a table since there was no more availability for the night at the hibachi tables. My husband and I were completely fine with this choice because we have had the hibachi experience before. "Himitsu" offers attentive service, great choices, and the timing of the food is perfect! I had the California sushi rolls, shrimp pad thai, and fried ice cream! It was all so delicious! A lot of people put fried ice cream on their menu, but only few really know how to make it. "Himitsu" serves an excellent fried ice cream (try to look at the picture without salivating all over yourself!). Make sure that you ask for William, he will create a great dining experience for you!

Portofino - Portofino is an Italian restaurant at the hotel. This was my absolute favorite restaurant on the property. The environment is romantic and inviting. My husband and I sat along side the drapes and we felt like we we were on a romantic island by ourselves. Our server (Oscar), the chef (Diego), and the Maitre d (Fernando) made us feel so special. For our appetizers, I liked the Maroma salad, but I wasn't a fan of the Calamari. In my opionion, the calamari is too large for such a sophisticated restaurant. For my dinner entree, I had shrimp prawns and risotto, which I thought were great. However, when I tasted my husband's tenderloin special, I realized that his was even better! I had coffee with Bailey's rum, which was an acquired test for me but I enjoyed it. Our desserts were a special treat! The pastry chefs brought out two trays of dessert. Then, they poured a liquid substance on the lower tray and our dessert tray stirred up a fascinating cloud of smoke. I've never seen this before! What an experience, Portofino definitely knows how to put on a show!

The Steakhouse - "The Steakhouse" is another restaurant located outside by the pool. I didn't spend much time here because I just wanted to taste the food to tell all of our viewers all about it. However, I'm glad that I made the stop. This restaurant has the best ribeye steak that I have ever had in my life! The server said that it is seasoned with natural ingredients and placed on a wood grill. The picture (to the left) may look simple but the taste is explosive. My husband said that he wasn't that hungry when he arrived at the restaurant, and he almost ate all of my steak. My husband even wanted to return the next night because he couldn't stop talking about the steak. It is a must try! The appetizer and cheese dessert weren't that impressive, but the ribeye steak made up for it!

Mexican - The Mexican restaurant is called "El Patio Restaurant" and it is located on the second floor of the hotel, to the right of the lobby. My husband and I enjoyed our meals at the Mexican restaurant. Some of the items may taste different than what Americans are used to because this is an authentic Mexican restaurant. We tried a sample of a few items on the appetizer list. They were good, but they were not great. For dinner, we had a beef dish with a few shrimp. It was juicy and succulent and melted in your mouth. Our chef suggested that we taste some of their tequilla. I'm not a big drinker but I decided to taste some of my husband's drink......boy, oh boy....It was good!

Unfortunately, I was not able to try "Bordeaux," the French restaurant, or the dinner buffet under the lobby. I certainly tried but you would have to stay at this resort for a full week to try everything.

Overall, the food at "Secrets Maroma" is of the highest quality. In comparison to the other resorts five star resorts in Mexico, I think that "Live Aqua" (Cancun) has the best breakfast buffet. However, "Secrets Maroma" and "Secrets The Vine" tower over all the resorts in lunch and dinner! As a foodie, I had an amazing experience and I really trust the "Secrets" brand in the food department. Contact me at contactus@thefloridapalate.com if you have questions or comments about this review. Thank you for your time. I hope this review was helpful.

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