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Secrets Maroma Beach: "Welcome Home!"

Outside of Florida, Mexico is one of my favorite destinations. I have traveled to my home away from home two to three times a year for the last five years. This year, for my birthday, I decided to celebrate at "Secrets Maroma" with my husband. We have traveled to two "Secrets" resorts prior to this vacation, and we were very impressed. "Secrets Silversands" had incredible entertainment and great food. "Secrets The Vine" had a beautiful beach, five star restaurants, and was lots of fun! So, I decided to stay true to the "Secrets" brand and go to the coveted "Secrets Maroma!"

Service: From the moment you step onto the property, you are treated with the finest level of hospitality. The staff members say, “Welcome Home!” as you walk in. If this is "home," then place me on house arrest! Who would ever leave? Then, you are taken to the concierge desk, where you are given a glass of champagne with a cherry at the base and a moist toilette to wash the cares of your travels away. After a quick registration, the bellman gives you a tour of the hotel as he walks you to your room.

You’re not on your own yet, there are a team of people still waiting to meet all of your needs. Two members of the concierge staff arrive to give you a tour of your room. That may seem silly. However, it is definitely needed. They explain how to use the room service cubby door to provide minimal interference with your vacation, the bottle opener on the wall, how your fridge gets restocked, the functions of the safe, and the air conditioner system that turns off automatically when you open the doors. Then, they answer any questions that you may have about the room. They really want you to have the best vacation ever!

After I thought the red carpet had been completely rolled out, our personal concierge arrived. Her name is Eira, and she made sure that our transportation was squared away when we wanted to leave the property and when we were going back to the airport. She checked in with me each day to make sure that everything was going well on my vacation. Eira went above and beyond her normal call of duty. She genuinely cared about my well-being and even brought cookies to the room!

Room: I had the Swim-up, Ocean Front Junior Suite. WOW! This room was incredible! My heart jumped for joy and my eyes danced as I glanced at the beautiful bathroom, plush sleeping accommodations, living room suite and one of the best swim-up and ocean front views ever! This room is definitely great for a honeymoon, anniversary, special occasion, or just to remind yourself that you have arrived. This room is on my top five list of luxury rooms. It is breathtakingly beautiful. The room is modern, and has every amenity that you could think of! There is a private bathroom with a telephone. The shower has great pressure and a line that can be drawn from the wall to allow you to hang your wash cloth. The vanity has two sinks and many drawers to house all of your personal belongings. There is a large indoor jacuzzi that can easily hold more than two people with a curtain separating the bedroom area. The bed is extremely comfortable and the concierge informed me that the room comes with pillow options. The armoire is double sided to fit all of your clothes. Do you know how nice it is not to have to share a clothing area with my husband?! We had more than enough hangers and plenty of space to place all of our items. The room has a step-down design that leads to a small living room quarter. There is a desk and a love seat. We used this space to eat our entrees from room service or to lounge on the couch.

As you step outside, there is another love seat, two chairs, and two recliners. We had enough chairs to host a party! Our swim-up pool was shared with three other rooms, however it is still very romantic because it was very seldom that we're all outside at the same time. So, for 95% of the time, it felt like the entire space was for my husband and me! After the swim-up pool ends, the sand begins and leads straight to the beach!

Cleanliness: The hotel, like all Secrets resorts, is very clean! Our room was cleaned promptly each day and the staff does a great job of keeping the premises beautiful.

Beach: The beach at "Secrets Maroma" is breathtaking. The sand is so soft and the water is crystal clear. The waves are not as big as Cancun, so it is a much better experience in the water. Also, the water is much cleaner that the water in Puerto Morelos. This beach reminded me of the water in Playa Mujeres. After a storm, seaweed does come up on the sand, but the staff works extremely hard to clean it with rakes and machines. Most of the water activities at the resort are included in the all-inclusive package. So, you’re able to use the kayaks and small sailing boat with no extra charge. The hotel provides snorkeling at a nearby location for a small fee. For all of the germaphobes out there, I was told that you get your own mouth piece. Which is nice because who wants to share a mouth piece used by previous guest? There are a couple of people that do not work for the hotel offering jet skis packages. I did not take them up on their offer, but it’s nice to know that it is there as an


Entertainment: The entertainment at the "Secrets Maroma" really surpasses all of the other resorts that

we have been to in Mexico (listed below) with the exception of "Secrets Silversands." The entertainment

team is personable, remember your name, and really want you to have fun at each event.

Daytime entertainment – You really never need to leave the resort. The schedule is packed with so much to do! This resort even has a trampoline, mini-golf area, water chess, beach walk, body stretching class, Spanish lessons, beach/pool volleyball, water aerobics, and many more activities throughout the day.

I would like to say an extra special thank you to Mimi and Jose! Mimi provides the most entertaining water aerobics that I have ever seen and Jose showed so much concern for my well-being when I presented with a mild allergic reaction on the bike tour.

Nighttime entertainment - Most hotels offer singing and dancing night after night. As much as I enjoy a good song or two, it can become redundant. "Secrets Maroma" offered a mentalist, comedian, karaoke night, Mexican-themed party, water show over the pool, entertainers performing on top of gazebos or as they came down the side of a building. After all of the night entertainment, you can dance the night away at the Desires club. I take my hat off to the entertainment team because they really go above and beyond to keep you busy all day!

Spa: The spa is an oasis of paradise. The "Secrets Maroma" is a full working spa. They provide an assortment of massages, pedicures, and hair services. I actually went to the spa twice during my vacation! Both times, I asked for a deep tissue massage. The first time, I was assigned to Georgiana. Her massage was so relaxing that it brought me into a deep sleep. I woke up to my mouth open and a mild choke from a snore. I don't know how that would happen because I never snored a day in my life (wink, wink)! The second time, I was assigned to Tiera. She was just as great as Georgiana, but she applied a little more pressure. Tiera made it her mission to personally walk every bit of tension out of my body. I will provide more pictures of my spa experience soon!

Food: "Secrets Maroma" has seven gourmet restaurants, a buffet, and a cafe. Overall, the restaurants are exquisite! I found myself closing my eyes and nodding my head with signs of affirmation as the flavors exploded in my mouth at most of the restaurants. My husband and I ordered room service on a few occasions, and we were surprised by how fresh the food tasted. It felt like the resort brought the restaurant to our front door. I was also really impressed by how quickly the food arrived and the attention to detail provided by the room service staff. I tried my best to eat at all of the restaurants. Therefore, a specific review will be provided of all of the restaurants that I tried in the near future. Stay tuned!

Price: I’m almost scared to write about this section because I feel like I might be letting a big secret out. However, I always promise to share all of the tips in Florida and beyond with you! The all-inclusive prices for resorts in Mexico are substantially less than the Caribbean. There is no way that you are going to stay at a five diamond resort of this quality for the prices offered anywhere else in the Caribbean and beyond. Trust me, I’ve tried. You may find these prices elsewhere, but it won’t be at a five diamond resort and your experience just can’t match this resort. The "Secrets Maroma" does cost more than a few of its sister properties. However, after you have become familiar with the Maroma experience, you will understand why.

Experience: My experience at this hotel was off the charts! I may have been celebrating my birthday, but it really felt like my honeymoon. This resort sparks the romance, brings out the kid in you, and leaves you completely satisfied. I can honestly say that this vacation was one of my best in Mexico!

Tips: Get room 1714. It is a swim-up ocean front suite right next to the beach and beach bar. Also, it is close to the pool and all of the night parties. However, you rarely hear any noise from your room and all outside parties end by 10:30 pm.

Our room had it's own modem, so the internet service was very sharp and fast most of the time. The resort also provides an app that allows you to look at the daily schedule (which is so helpful because the paper is usually never around when you need it), check the restaurant/spa times or information, or make calls internationally for free (all calls from your room phone are also free).

Be careful when you sign up for the kayak tour. It requires a lot of manual labor and you go pretty far out into the sea. This activity takes a lot of teamwork, so make sure that you and your partner are up for it!

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! "Secrets Maroma" is in a class by itself! This brand has become one of my favorites in Mexico. I have stayed at "Excellence" (Playa Mujeres), "Le Blanc" (Cancun), "Live Aqua" (Cancun), "ME" (Cancun), "Secrets The Vine" (Cancun), "Sun Palace" (Cancun), "Iberostar Grande" (Playa del Carmen), and "Silversands" (Puerto Morelos). I would recommend all of the hotels listed above with the exception of "ME" and "Sun Palace." Each hotel has certain features that blew me away. However, for the most comprehensive resort package and best experience, I would definitely recommend "Secrets Maroma" over all of these hotels!


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