• Lisa Marie

The Cheeca Lodge and Spa: A Magic Trick Around Every Corner

The Cheeca Lodge has been on my list of resort to go to for years. I saw the Cheeca Lodge name appear on my Facebook page and heard it’s name tossed around in conversations in the past. The high rates always discouraged me, but eventually I found enough consecutive days off, a good rate, and an excuse to head down to the keys. I was so excited to finally get to go to the Cheeca Lodge!

I haven’t been to many magic shows but this resort created the best magic show that I have ever seen. Let me explain. They posted beautiful pictures of a gorgeous resort online in the hopes of fooling someone like me. I’ll admit it. I fell for it. Then, you make your reservation, arrive and your heart drops and you’re in a state of confusion. You’re not sure if the pictures online were doctored greatly, the pictures are of the hotel at another time in life, or if a hurricane came through and tore this place apart. The pictures don’t match the resort at all! The foundation is the same. I can tell that it’s the same hotel, but something is definitely deceitful about their marketing.

Quality: The quality of the hotel is average, three stars at best, but they are marketing it like a five-star resort. This hotel is similar to one that you would find along any beach in Florida. The restaurant along the water serves an amazing dinner with a romantic environment, attentive servers, and nice music. The oceanfront view is serene and very relaxing. Islamadora is one of the calmer and quieter parts of the keys. So, you can definitely relax here. However, the property and the rooms are so old that if you listen intently, you can hear the place deteriorating by the second. This resort really needs a million dollar renovation.

Service: The service at this hotel is pretty good. They completely understood my comparison from the internet pictures to the actual hotel. One of the staff members admitted that it was not the first time that he had heard that complaint. After my first night, I asked for the remainder of my money for the trip and went to a different hotel.

Cleanliness: The hotel is not filthy, but they could do better with the cleaning. The bedroom we were in had a lot of dust on the furniture and the cushions on the chairs at one of the pools had lots of stains.

Price: The restaurants are expensive, but this wasn’t my biggest gripe because the food at dinner was very good. Also, the breakfast buffet is a little pricey but the quality of the food was adequate. I’m not sure how this resort got away with its high prices for so long because the property doesn’t match the price. There were a lot of Europeans at this hotel during our stay, so maybe they aren’t aware of the other options north and south of this resort.

Experience: Other than the food and ocean view, this resort doesn’t have many appealing accommodations. I enjoyed my company, but I was disappointed with our choice.

Tips: Choose a different hotel.

Would I recommend it: No. I wouldn’t send you somewhere that I wouldn’t stay. I would only return if the property undergoes a complete renovation.

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