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The Peabody has been taken over by the Hyatt!

Per an article that I was reading, I just learned that the Hyatt bought The Peabody hotel in 2013. I wish I knew this sooner because my husband and I have been avoiding The Peabody hotel for the last three years. My husband and I have stayed at many hotels in Orlando, and The Peabody hotel happens to be one of our least favorite hotels. I know, you’re shocked. I was too. How can such a gorgeous hotel end up in a weekend of disappointment? Well, let me explain.

Quality: The hotel was stellar in appearance. It was well kept and up to date. The lobby was striking in beauty and the layout was extensive. The facility was top notch in every aspect. The rooms were very nice and the bathroom had a television in the mirror, which was a big selling point for my husband. I was so excited to enjoy the plush accomodations advertised on the internet and my husband, the techy, was looking forward to watching the television from both the bedroom and the bathroom. Trust me, it doesn't take much to please him. Hopefully, the Hyatt has kept the televisions in place for our future stay.

Service: The service at this hotel was really mediocre, and I hope that the Hyatt has made the changes necessary to turn this hotel around. I would expect the service to match the price and environment created by the hotel. Disappointingly, there was a disconnect with the staff and the ambiance. The Peabody was listed as such a highly rated hotel, but they didn’t engage their clients or seem to desire to meet their needs. Maybe because the hotel is so big, it was hard for the staff to cater to their guests. I'm interested to see how the service is under the Hyatt management.

Cleanliness: The hotel was very clean. The cleaning staff was prompt and the premises were always immaculate.

Price: The restaurants at the Peabody were insanely expensive for what they are serving. I hope that the Hyatt has changed the restaurants and the pricing within the hotel. My husband and I ate dinner in a diner styled restaurant in the Peabody hotel, but the prices were definitely not diner-like. I’m not afraid to pay for a good meal. However, when I’m served diner food, I can’t justify a high bill. In addition, the hotel had a diner window where you could get food to-go. My husband asked for one regular sized cookie and was charged $4.50. Not for the box of cookies, just one cookie. After our only meal in the hotel, we quickly learned that we would have to eat all of our meals off of the hotel premises. My husband and I walked (the parking garage is inconveniently located so it was easier to walk to nearby places) to the local restaurants in the area for our meals. There were so many to choose from, and we were pleased with the choices.

Later in the weekend, I had some leftovers from one of the restaurants and I wanted to heat it up. There were no microwaves in the room, so I asked the hotel if arrangements could be made for me to heat up my food. They said that they would be able to provide me with a microwave for my room for a $20 charge per day. Maybe they should of just raised their nightly rate, so that they didn't have to nickel and dime their guests. I would of preferred to pay more each night, and know that I would get a microwave in my room and not have to get ripped off at the restaurants. Once again, I'm looking forward to seeing how this is being handled by the Hyatt.

Experience: The location of the hotel is really great. They’re right next to I-Drive and within walking distance of casual dining restaurants and things to do/see. The “Improv Comedy Club”, “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” (blog coming soon), and mystery/comedy dining locations were all on I-Drive, within walking distance of the hotel.

Overall, everything around the hotel was perfect, with the exception of the hotel. The service and pricing within the hotel was really a turn off. The framework of the hotel had the potential to be great, and I am excited about the change of hands in brand and management.

Tips: If you would like to see the traditional walking of the the ducks through the hotel, I have been told that they are no longer there because the Hyatt has ended the duck tradtion.

Would I recommend it: Before the change of hands, I wouldn't recommend this hotel, but now that the Hyatt has taken over, I would definitely like to give this hotel another chance! Hopefully, the Hyatt will invite me to see all the changes.

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