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J.W. Marriott Orlando: Be careful when you order your lunch!

The J.W. Marriott Orlando is a beautiful hotel on the same property as the Ritz Carlton Orlando. You can actually walk indoors from one property to the next. The J.W. Marriott is one of my favorite hotels in Orlando! It’s beautiful in stature, and it has a few restaurants to choose from inside and a great poolside café. In addition, it has a huge pool with a winding lazy river. The landscape behind the hotel is beautiful. You can enjoy a day in the sun with the kids, go on a romantic walk between properties, or enjoy the Ritz Carlton spa next door.

Quality: This hotel feels like a resort because you’re getting a full package experience. Everything you could possibly need is on the property. There are several restaurants on the premises, but I have not tried all of them. I wasn’t too impressed with the food at the breakfast buffet, but the food at the outdoor pool café is exceptional. In addition, there is a local Starbucks on the first floor of the hotel. The JW Marriott Orlando really try to provide a great experience for their guests.

Service: The front desk staff are very professional, efficient, and make sure that they meet your needs. The hotel offers refreshing beverages in the lobby to drink while you check-in. The remarkable service continues in every part of the hotel. The staff seem to genuinely enjoy their jobs and helping you enjoy your vacation.

Cleanliness: The hotel is very clean. The cleaning staff is prompt and the premises are always immaculate.

Price: This hotel, and most hotels in Orlando are priced fairly well. Of course, during peak season, the price has a slight increase but it still stays within a reasonable amount. I think that Orlando has so much competition with other hotels that only a handful of the hotels have high rates.

Experience: My experience at this hotel is always pleasurable. I’ve stayed at this hotel 3 times and I didn’t want to leave on all 3 occasions.

Tips: Be careful when you order food from the café downstairs, sometimes the lines get crossed and it goes to the Ritz Carlton’s cafe instead. On our previous trip at this hotel, my parents, husband, and myself were staying at this hotel because my cousin was getting married in Orlando. It was raining heavily and we decided to order food from the pool side cafe. The wires got crossed and the order was sent to the Ritz Carlton since the hotels share many services. Since my husband was unaware of the mix-up, he was sent on a goose chase to get our lunch from one hotel to another in the rain. By the time everything was straightened out and he returned, we were beyond late for my cousin's wedding. The heavy rain, and the fact that we had no idea how far her venue was from our hotel made things even worse. If you thought that was enough, at the wedding, my cousin turned to one of her bridesmaids before she walked down the aisle and said, "Please give my make up bag to Lisa." Her bridesmaid (which I'm still not sure why she took this moment to be honest to a bride walking down the aisle) replied, "I just looked into the audience and Lisa is not here." I'm not going to imagine what my cousin's face, mouth, or heart felt or said in the next few moments. I missed the entire ceremony! However, all I can say is BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU ORDER YOUR FOOD. Your order may end up at the wrong hotel or you can end up missing one of your family member's most sacred moments. I would like to go on the record and say, Lauren, I am so sorry. You are so much more important than a pool side lunch! I l love you! (Picture below: Lauren, my cousin, is the beautiful bride on the right and I am in the pink dress on the left).

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! The price is great, the premises are perfect for adventure or romance, and the accommodations are high in quality.

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