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Le Blanc Spa Resort

My husband and I go to Mexico very frequently. We have managed to make it to Mexico a couple times a year for the last several years. On each trip, we go to a new Mexican resort so that we can experience the same country in a different way. On one of our trips, we decided to go to Sunset Palace resorts. However, after realizing that it wasn’t our dream vacation, we switched to Le Blanc spa resort the next day. We made a great decision!

Quality: Le Blanc has been on the top five list of resorts in Cancun for years. It has also been listed as one of the best resorts in the world among some of the highest regarded travel sites. The quality provided at this resort is five star all the way. As a result, you will see honeymooners and weddings each day because it is definitely a memorable location.

The pictures on the internet really don’t show the true beauty of the resort. You have to be there to witness paradise, feel the atmosphere, and appreciate the environment.

The food at the buffet is amazing! As stated earlier, my husband and I visit a new hotel in Mexico every few months and Le Blanc’s buffet is one of the best for breakfast and lunch dining. You can taste the freshness and superior ingredients used to make each dish. As American as I am, I am not the biggest American breakfast fan, but in Mexico, I can eat breakfast all day long. Their buffet has something for everyone. There is an American section, an authentic Mexican section, and food choices that fall in between both categories. The dinner restaurants are really good, but some are better than others. My favorite was the a la carte restaurant. I did not like the Asian or Italian inspired restaurant. I did not try the French restaurant because I am not a big fan of French food.

At the spa, we enjoyed a manicure, pedicure, and a deep tissue massage. The manicures and pedicures were perfect, but I wish that the chair reclined so that I could truly relax. I ended up having two massages during my stay. My first massage was mediocre but Carla, the massage therapist assigned to me the second time, was fantastic!

The daily schedule has a nice exercise schedule. I did spinning in the water for the first time! It is not very vigorous but it works up a nice sweat.

Service: We were assigned a concierge. He was absolutely amazing. He made sure that all of our needs were met! All of the staff members were very friendly with the exception of one of the front receptionist assigned to check you in and out. Hopefully, they have moved her to another area that meets her strengths.

Cleanliness: The grounds and the beach are beautiful! We went in November so we didn’t get in the water but, Cancun offers stunning turquoise water with a little bit of a strong current.

Price: The price is much higher than the other resorts in the hotel zone. If price is a concern, you can achieve a similar quality of a resort at Live Aqua, a resort a few minutes away.

Experience: We had an amazing time! I definitely understand why this resort is at the top of the list. We enjoyed this hotel as much as Live Aqua, Excellence Playa Mujeres, and Secrets the Vine. In a perfect world, there could be a little more entertainment on the daily and night schedule. However, I understand that this is a spa resort, not a party resort.

Tips: When we walked by and peaked in the other rooms, we noticed that the rooms are small by Mexican resort standards, but normal in size by US standards. We were lucky enough to get upgraded to a suite, and the room was almost twice the size! Look into the price, it may be worth it. Most of the rooms have a railing that you can stand by, but not an official balcony. If this is a deal breaker, you may want to choose a different hotel.

The night entertainment needs to be revamped. If you like lots of daily and night entertainment, Secrets Silversands would be better for you (However, they do not have a nice beach). Le Blanc is geared more towards relaxation. However, I think that they can add some music or mild entertainment to one of the pools.

Our room was on the first floor. I wouldn’t advise this because you do not get the same amount of privacy because the workers and guests walk by the room frequently. Also, you have to worry about iguanas and crocodiles from the lagoon. Don't let the last comment scare you, we did not see any alligators during the entire trip.

Would I recommend it: Absoutely, if you’re interested in enjoying a relaxing vacation in a five-star resort with great food and service, then this is a great choice!

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