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Marriott Long Island: Is it just an average hotel?

I stayed at the Marriott Long Island when I was in my hometown for my cousin’s wedding. I must say that of all the hotels in the area, this was one of the nicer hotels. However, it was not the most modern. Before picking this hotel, I called one of my childhood friends and asked him, “What do you think about the Marriott in Long Island?” He replied by saying, “It’s a Marriott….it’s an average hotel.” To me, that response did not make any sense because I thought about the Marriott Beach resort that reminded me of the Caribbean in Marco Island, FL, the JW Marriott that I fell in love with in Orlando, and the Marriott that I passed by on the waters on St. Thomas. Did my New York friend have a different view of the Marriott line than me? My husband is a Marriott rewards member, and although we haven’t been blown away by all Marriott hotels, we have never been uncomfortable with our stay (However, we came close to that in Canada…..future blog to come).

Quality: When I arrived at the Marriott Long Island, I understood my friend’s comment. The hotel was big in size, but just looked like a bland convention center. Unfornately, the hotel does not look as nice as the picture displayed above. The lobby and the remainder of the hotel is spacious, but it is an older hotel. For a Floridian, we are used to palm trees, beautiful palates, and breathtaking scenery to spice up any hotel. Honestly, great sunshine and landscaping can make any hotel look nicer. This hotel has a very northern and traditional feel. It has not adapted the modern look that many of the newer Marriott hotels have achieved.

Service: The staff is very vice and because we are Marriott members, we were upgraded to the concierge floor. I was surprised by the size of our room, it looked like a suite. The picture below is only showing half of the room. Even though the hotel is old, the room size made up for it. We had a walk-in closet and a huge bathroom. On the concierge floor, there are complimentary snacks throughout the day. In the mornings, we enjoyed a complete breakfast for free for the entire trip!

Cleanliness: The premises were well-kept.

Price: The price of this hotel was actually less than the places that my family members were staying at within ten minutes of our hotel. Their rooms were slightly more modern, but were very small.

Experience: For the purposes of going on a vacation, I would not stay in this hotel. However, if I needed to come here for business, I would definitely choose this hotel again. It offers lots of space, a great concierge package, food options on the first floor, and a lovely staff.

Tips: Be careful. The hotel is in a decent area but if you drive 5-10 minutes in the wrong direction at night, the area gets a little sketchy. I was born and raised in New York in the eighties, and I have never seen Long Island “night life” with people standing on the corner or ladies walking around on the street (waiting for gentlemen). So, this experience was very surprising to me.

Would I recommend it: For vacationing purposes, I would not choose this hotel. However, if your trip has purpose, whether it be for business or other reasons, then this could be a suitable location.

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