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Buena Vista Palace: The Conference Hotel

The Buena Vista Palace is a grandiose building on a large property. It sits on a hill with conference rooms/banquet halls below. I came to this hotel for a conference earlier this year. It seemed like most of the people at this hotel were there for a conference as well. The mornings were busy with people swarming like bees with name tags around their neck and bags full of notes. However, I’m sure that this hotel attracts tourist because of the location. The hotel is walking distance from Downtown Disney and within a few miles of Disney World, so I’m sure that visitors from all over the world come to this hotel due to its prime Disney area.

Quality: The hotel rooms are average in cosmetic appeal and the hotel could definitely use a mild renovation. The lobby is very nice and appealing in appearance. The hotel is very large, so it can be a little time consuming to quickly go downstairs to catch a lecture or run back to your room if you forgot something. The elevators are not adjacent vertically, so I had to end up taking two elevators and an escalator just to get to my lecture in the mornings. The hotel’s sports bar is very tasty. I could have literally stayed in the hotel for the entire 6 day conference and had all of my meals there.

Service: The staff is very friendly and extremely patient. They had to answer the same few questions over and over again to all of the lecture guests, and they did it with a smile.

Cleanliness: The rooms and the conference room were very clean.

Price: This hotel is suitable for business. However, the hallways are dark, the hotel has a peculiar set up, and the rooms are average. Therefore, I was surprised that the hotel price, even with my conference discount, was higher than most of the nicer hotels in Orlando.

Experience: For the purposes of the conference, I thought that the hotel was appropriate because of its massive conference rooms below. The hotel is in a very good location, so I could easily grab a bite to eat at the huge selection of restaurants nearby, head to Downtown Disney at night time, or go to one of the outlets for a quick shopping break over the weekend.

Would I recommend it: No, there are too many hotels in Orlando to choose The Buena Vista Palace for your vacation accommodations. For business, it is suitable, but there are many hotels in Orlando that have conference rooms and provide better accomodations. I believe that this hotel has potential if they allow time for it to undergo a renovation.

Tip: After writing this article, I found out that the hotel is undergoing renovations. I can't wait to see the changes! Once complete, I would be more than happy to write a revised blog.

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