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Casa Marina Resort: The Castle of the South

Casa Marina Resort, or the castle of the south, as I like to call it reminds me of the old world meeting modern times. It spreads out, with its distinct grandiose architecture like a castle against the blue waters of the keys. When you arrive at the resort, you immediately feel like you have figuratively arrived in life. This Waldorf Astoria resort, makes you feel like royalty at the entrance.

I remember my eyes dancing around the lobby in awe of the modern, yet warm feel that the Casa Marina Resort has created. The lobby is pretty bare, but it’s less is more motif draws you into the important essentials that the hotel has to offer.

As mentioned earlier, this resort is in the Waldorf family. Like all of the other Waldorf resorts, it is breathtaking. In the back of the resort, I saw the infamous aisle of palm trees marching to the beach, a hammock with my name on it, and beautiful pools and ocean water.

Quality: This hotel definitely carries an air of sophistication. The rooms are a little small, but the balconies are huge. It is a must to get a room with a balcony to enlarge the square footage of your room. The balconies are one of the selling points for the hotel. You can easily go to sleep, enjoy some privacy with a loved one, or see the entire view of the pools/beach from your balcony!

Service: The service received at this Waldorf Astoria was great! The facility is well-kept and the staff is attentive. Everyone was very hospitable and made my husband and me feel very welcome.

Cleanliness: The hotel is extremely clean. The beach is spotless and the hotel grounds are just as immaculate.

Price: This was probably the most disappointing part of our stay. The hotel is like an ex that wants to drain you emotionally before moving on. The hotel thinks of so many separate fees to charge you. The nightly charge for the hotel was a decent price. However, each day, you have a parking fee (Hello! We’re not downtown and there is plenty of parking spaces) and a daily fee that includes the drinks and snacks in the lobby that I always seemed to miss, and a newspaper at your door each morning. I would much rather go without the daily charge, and supply my own snacks and newspaper if interested.

Experience: My husband and I had a great time! I rarely see such romantic balconies in Florida resorts. Put on one of their fluffy white robes in the closet and lay out on the balcony at sunset or sunrise and you will be mesmerized. The Casa Marina is one of my favorite resorts in Key West for beauty and romance!

Tip: The resort is off the beaten path, but nothing is too far from Duval Street. My husband and I chose to walk, use local mopeds, or have someone ride us on one of those bicycle carts.

Would I recommend it: For Key West, it’s perfect (without the daily charges)! You’re not in the heart of town so you can relax by the sea. However, as soon as you miss the action, you’re only a stride away!

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