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10 Items That You Must Have Before You Go On Vacation This Summer in Florida

Florida ranks as the second most visited state in the country, after California. Due to its beautiful beaches, theme parks, and great weather, over 97 million people flock to Florida every year! That’s a lot of people! I have provided a list for all of the tourist to use to make sure that they are equipped for their trip to the sunshine state. Here are the top 10 things that you must have in your suitcase:

  1. Cool Clothes – I get it. You live in a cold environment, so you don’t have a summer wardrobe. Well, you must buy some shorts, short sleeve shirts, or dresses before you arrive. Wearing your button-down shirt and cuffing the sleeve may look very professional and provide a preppy casual look for you up north, but in Florida the heat will melt your buttons off and teach you a lesson. For the ladies, remember to wear lots of cotton…..everywhere. The humidity will allow other materials to cling to your skin.

  2. Sunscreen – Everyone should wear sunscreen. Yes, even the people with a little more melanin in their skin than others. Sunscreen will prevent burns, uneven skin tones, and of course…..CANCER! You don’t have to use the thick zinc oxide from the 1980s. I use Extrashade because I have some extra melanin in my skin. However, there are other choices on the market.

  3. Insect spray – So, in the summer it rains in Florida for at least 10 minutes every 10 minutes. Okay, so that’s an exaggeration. However, it will rain at least once for the day almost every day. Where there is rain, there is a puddle, and where there is still water - mosquitoes will thrive. So, use your insect spray before you become someone’s meal.

  4. Flip flops – Flip flops should be on the Florida state flag. It represents Florida as much as its orange or palm tree. It’s our go-to shoe. It’s great for the beach, a walk in the park, lunch with a friend, and to run around town in. However, don’t be surprised if you see some Floridians wearing flip flops to dinner, a wedding, or even church. Floridians know how to dress up flip flops.

  5. Nail polish - If you can’t stop by a nail salon before you come, definitely put on a coat of nail polish. Your toes will be shown for the entire trip, so help them to look their best.

  6. Sunglasses and a hat – You’re coming to the sunshine state! Sometimes, the sun is out even when it rains in Florida, so protect your eyes and your face. Squinting can cause wrinkles and research is being done every day about the impact of the sun on our eyes. A hat can make a difference between you feeling like you're outside on a warm day or in the dessert trying to save your life.

  7. Rubber band – Welcome to the land of humidity. Florida can be a little aggressive at times. So, don’t be surprised if the heat hits you in the face or knocks you out as soon as you step outside. The humidity is bound to take a toll on your hair at some point during your vacation so keep a rubber band or hair tie on your wrist to rescue your hair when needed.

  8. Water – You don’t have to pack this in your suitcase. We sell water here. However, just make sure that you always have it! Stay hydrated. It’s not fun to pass out on vacation.

  9. Razors – If you’re truly enjoying the Florida weather and beach, your body is bound to be exposed at some point in your trip. Bring your razors, hair products, or stop by a waxing location to take care of all of your hairy needs.

  10. Patience – In Florida, we do everything differently than the rest of the country. Our driving, cuisines, attitude, and way of life makes you feel like you’re in a different country. Relax and enjoy…. you’ll get used to us!

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