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Secrets The Vine Cancun

Mexico is one of my favorite destinations and my husband and I have been there more than some local cities in Florida. For this particular vacation we were surprising our parents for their birthday and celebrating our anniversary. We have spent time with the Secrets family before, but chose this location because we thought our parents would enjoy the beaches, mall across the street, and prime location. When you pull up to Secrets The Vine, the path can seem a little underwhelming compared to all of the large resorts in the hotel district that are spread out upon what appears to be endless acres. However, they make up for it and more in every other way possible. Secrets the Vine is behind a residential area and it is more of an urban uprise than a resort that spreads out for miles.

Quality: As soon as you step onto the property, you are greeted with a cool cloth to wipe your hands and a drink to help you to forget that you have been on a plane and going through customs for the last few hours. Mexico is known for the best hospitality ever, and this hotel reinforces only the best treatment. Check-in is usually quite simple. The rooms are not as big as a lot of the hotel rooms in the hotel district that offer suites with living room space. However, it is a large room by American standards.

The restaurants at this hotel are amazing! For breakfast and lunch, the food is served at the buffet. I went with a pary of six and there was always something for everyone. Cesar, our server, was amazing! Ask for him and you will get even more stellar service. Dinners were a treat to look forward to! I felt like I was dining at the finest restaurants each night. Trust me, I’m a foodie and I was completely satisfied. The steak restaurant was my favorite! Everything was perfect from start to finish. If you can, ask for Aiden! The Italian restaurant has a small, but tasty salad bar. However, don’t order the sea bass. I’m not sure why it tasted peculiar. The Mediterranean restaurant was very authentic. It is quite an experience. My least favorite restaurant, surprisingly, was the Mexican restaurant. It had the lowest wow factor.

Cleanliness: The hotel is very clean. The rooms are cleaned thoroughly and the premises are kept intact. The only place that you may find debri will be some seaweed floating in the water.

Service: The service is outstanding. The hotel is smaller than most, but the culinary and entertainment staff remember your name quickly and make you feel at home. The Secrets brand truly understands how to bring people together so that they can enjoy their vacation.

Price: Since I have a vacation package with Unlimited Vacations, I pay a lower price than most. However, I believe that this hotel is similar in price to the higher rated hotels in the hotel district and it deserves to be there.

Experience: The entertainment team is incredible, they get you engaged with volleyball, interesting classes, outdoor games, and night entertainment. Alejandro and Carlito will keep a smile on your face for the entire trip. You’ll never be bored. There is always something to do for everyone. If you're really into being entertained, the entertainment at the "Secrets Silversand," their sister resort (about 30 minutes away) is even better.

The spa at the hotel is also really good. However, “Live Aqua,” another resort in the hotel district, has a better spa service.

Overall, I enjoyed my time here and I actually didn’t want to leave. Well, let’s be honest, I’ve never wanted to leave a vacation (maybe a hotel, but not a vacation). My parents were blown away by the hotel. They were a little reluctant about going to Mexico because of all of the violent media displayed in the US. However, they felt very safe on the property and even when we went on trips by ourselves off of the property. By the end of the trip, they finally realized why Mexico is one of my favorite destinations and they fell in love with the Secret brand.

Extra information: This is a couples only resort. If you want to go to a family resort, Secrets has a sister resort line called "Dreams." The resort is all-inclusive. Everything is included once you step on the grounds and there are unlimited snacks and drinks (brand liquor and soft drinks) in the fridge in your bedroom.

Would I recommend it? Yes! It is a great resort in the heart of Cancun! Email me at contactus@thefloridapalate.com if you have any questions or comments about this resort.


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