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The Boston Bagel Cafe: Winner of "The Excellence Award" for best bagel in FL

The Boston Bagel Café has some unbelievable bagels! They are crisp on the outside, and soft within. When I tried the bagel at The Boston Bagel Café for the first time, I literally closed my eyes with each bite, held the bagel in my right hand, shook the bagel back and forth and said, “I think this may be the one.” My team member and I normally try just to taste the bagel, but I nearly ate all of mine. My team member wrapped his up to take home to snack on later. There are really no words that can describe this bagel. You really have to experience it for yourself. Hence, the Boston Bagel Cafe is the winner of “The Florida Palate Excellence Award” for the best bagel in Florida.

I drove near and far to taste all of the bagels nominated on our site and a list of bagel stores mentioned on top bagel list across Florida. Before going to the Boston Bagel Café, I thought we had already found our favorite bagel restaurant. However, things quickly changed when I approached the Boston Bagel Café. The plaza that it is located in doesn’t have the bells and whistles of a Florida plaza draped in palm trees. It has a northern feel and I could tell that it was very different than many of the other bagel restaurants that we had visited. We walked in and there was a line of people from all different walks of life. Some were on a rush because they were headed to work, others sat down like they had all of the time in the world, and I was there discretely under a serious investigation for my followers.

The first time I walked in the owner was in the midst of the flow, helping the staff to please all of the customers. He is a very pleasant older man, and as busy as he was, he took the time to stop and make conversation because he genuinely cares about his customers. I asked him where he was from and he told me New York. My heart leaped inside because even though the café boasted Boston roots, I was proud to see that there was a fellow New Yorker making bagels behind the counter.

Weeks later, after the winners had been announced. I finally had a chance to interview the owner of the Boston Bagel Café. His name is Mr. Jacob Baruch and he has been in the restaurant business for years. He owned more than one New York bagel restaurant for over thirty years in my Long Island hometown. Mr. Baruch took over the ownership of the Boston Bagel Café one year ago. He decided not to change the name after his purchase because the Boston Bagel Café name was well-known and established in the area. I asked Mr. Baruch about his secret to success, I wanted to know if he has special water, a secret dough, or some other New York additive for his bagels. He assured me that the secret to his bagels and success is “lots of love and dedication.”

The Boston Bagel Café will continue to serve the best bagels in the state of Florida. So, you definitely should make your way over to 964 NE 62nd Street Fort Lauderdale, FL. The staff at the Boston Bagel Café mentioned that you should also try the rest of their menu, especially the bacon, egg, and cheese omelet. In addition, Mr. Baruch mentioned that they will eventually serve doughnuts! Why not? They’ve already mastered bagels!

It was an absolute pleasure dining in this establishment. I look forward to the expansion of their menu and the opportunity for the rest of Florida to taste the bagels at the Boston Bagel Café!

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