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College Dating: "It's a Different World"

When I was in college, it seemed like women and men lived under a completely different set of standards. It was the norm for the men not to have any money because the women were just as broke. It was okay to catch a bus to the movie theater because neither of you had cars. It was acceptable to have an economic and creative date because the thought behind it meant far more than the money needed. Some things were just acceptable because you were in college.

For my undergrad years, I went to Florida State University. If you’re an alumni, you’re probably chanting, moving your hand in an up and down motion, or smiling at the thought of your fond memories. If you went to any other state school in Florida, you have probably shut down your computer and thrown it across the room. It was a really nice computer. You shouldn’t have done that.

While at FSU, I can remember one guy in particular asking me on a date to go to the mall. A little odd, I know. I met him at a party. While everyone was dancing at the party, we spent the night talking about our shared major and how we were going to save the world, one patient at time. I sound like a nerd on the highest level at this point. However, I have always been a little intense. I was still indecisive about my major, but his passion for Exercise Science and Physical Therapy (which I did not end up pursuing) seemed so strong that he almost convinced me that I had made the right decision.

Well, we exchanged phone numbers and later that week he invited me out on a date. His idea of a date would be shopping and dinner at the Governor Square Mall. It was college, I guess I was a very understanding participant because I was excited about our plan.

It started off as a date from a movie, we laughed as we walked through the mall and went into coed stores and picked out clothes that we had no intention of buying. He picked out crazy outfits for me and I did the same for him. I picked the tightest leather pants that the Gap had to offer just to see him come out of his dressing room on his tippy toes and unable to walk. Of course, he picked out dresses for me. They weren't that bad... I mean how crazy can you get at the Gap?

We fell into each other’s arms laughing at each other at the fun that we were having. All of our laughter must of worked up an appetite because we headed for the food court. Yes, that was the big dinner that he was taking me to. Still at this point, I had no problem with the date. We were having fun and we were in college. We went to one of the Cajun kiosk that let you taste the chicken before you buy it. I don’t remember the name of this stand, but I’m sure that you have all seen one of these kiosk. We took our trays, chose our protein and our sides and scooted down to the register. At this point, he turns to me and says, “I don’t have any cash. All I have is my card.” At this time, about 16 years ago, it was very uncommon for small vendors to have credit card machines so everything had to be paid by cash. However, ATMs and banks did exist in 2001. I stood there for a second not sure what to say. Not sure if he was joking or if I had really been asked to pay for the date.

Before I tell you what I did, and allow you to congratulate me or lose all faith in me. I want to know what you would of done. Leave your comments on my Facebook or Twitter page. I promise to share the end of the story!

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