• Lisa Marie

I Have A Confession To Make

Water is essential to life. Water has proven to make up most of the human body and a we cannot go more than few days without it. This foodie of yours has a confession to make: I DON'T LIKE DRINKING WATER. I know, it’s almost blasphemous to say it. As an adult, you must love vegetables, school, water, and every other prideful and advantageous thing that we preach to the next generation. I'm often embarrassed to admit my disdain for drinkiIng water. I would like to blame it on my mother. That sounds appropriate. It’s an easy scapegoat and it leaves me blameless. However, honestly, as a child I mostly drank juice. I’m sure that there was water in the fridge but I was never forced or asked to drink it. My parents didn't buy soda unless we were having a party. So, juice became my go to for fluid intake.

Growing up, drinking water became harder and harder for me. Drinking water was a conscious decision and it felt like I was taking medicine whenever I tried to drink it. By highschool, I started to become more health conscious. I would challenge myself to a drink a certain amount of water each day. I had to turn it into a game to get the job done. As an adult, I still struggle with water intake. I purchase coconut water, low sugar drinks like “Honestade,” or make fruit infused water. I’ve tried all sorts of brands of water and I struggled with tolerating it. The only time that I can drink a large amount of water is when I’m working out or diluting my juice.

Surprisingly people, there is hope for me. My husband introduced me to a different drinking water company last week. I drank it, not because I knew that it was going to be good. I drank it because there was nothing left in the fridge to drink. The coconut water was done and there was a half bottle of “Honestade” in the fridge that my husband had been drinking while he battled a cold. Trust me, I don’t like water, but I wasn’t about to risk getting a cold to avoid water.

I wish I could support my Florida state and tell you that my husband passed me a bottle of Zephyrhills water and I fell in love. No, not quite. The fridge was filled with “Fiji" water. I took my first sip, looked at the bottle, and then I guzzled down the rest of the bottle. Yes, as unladylike as it may sound, I….me….I guzzled down water! I knew it was water but it didn't taste like water! It was so soft and delicious! You should shed a tear for this breakthrough!

I am not a sponsor for "Fiji" water, nor do I believe that Fiji water is the only water that taste great. However, I think I'm in love! Share which water you’re drinking and why you chose it.

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