• Lisa Marie

The Bagel Journey

Every Tuesday and Thursday, my team and I got into my car to search for as many bagel stores across Florida before most of them closed for the day. We chose restaurants that were on our list of known quality bagels and went to every bagel store nominated by our viewers on our website. The typical bagel restaurant closes between two to four o’clock, so we were usually pretty pressed for time. Some days, the bagel store was in our hometown and other days turned into full blown road trips. I loved every minute of it! I don’t love to drive, nor am I the best driver (according to my team). However, we pushed ourselves to discover the best tasting bagel for you. Okay, let’s be honest, for me too!

There is no way that I can mention every bagel store that we stopped at or post pictures of each one. Some bagel stores were full blown breakfast and lunch restaurants, and others were simple stores that focused solely on bagels. Other stores made pretty decent bagels and ruined it with a poor butter selection or unpleasant cream cheese choice. Many restaurants had pretty cool themes and even showed you how they make the bagels on the premises. While others were more of a take your bagel and go type of establishment. Most stores provided noteworthy bagels and I could see why they were nominated. However, one restaurant that we went to should really take their bagel entrée off of their menu.

As chic and trendy as many of the bagel restaurants seemed, we made sure to focus on our purpose….the bagel. We didn’t get caught up in the aesthetics of the restaurant or the other items on the menu. This was not the time to focus on price, service, and the experience, as I do in my restaurant blogs. The Florida Palate Excellence Award was provided to the bagel store that served the absolute best bagel in Florida. My vision was to find the best bagel in Florida as if they were all in a line, and you had to go down the line and take a bite out of each one. I believe that we met our goal by choosing “Boston Bagel Café.” You know that you chose the right bagel, when you compare every bagel before and after to that bagel. No matter which restaurant we went to, “Boston Bagel Café” continued to come up in conversation.

I would like to mention, “Way Beyond Bagel” and “Bagel Snack” because they both had an awesome bagel and made this competition quite difficult for my team. If I am ever in the Delray Beach or Pompano area, I will definitely stop by!

The loyalty and fan base of "The Origional Brooklyn Water Bagel Co." blew my mind! Each day, my website filled up with more and more compliments about this great bagel company that not only has its footing in Florida, but in several other states across the country. I would like to thank all of our viewers for introducing me to this great bagel company! I was impressed by the concept and intrigued when I watched the process! Thank you for bringing a little piece of New York to Florida!

Last month was an adventure that I truly enjoyed! We will be providing a featured blog about “Boston Bagel Café” and “The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.” later this week. So, they will definitely get their full spot light to shine and take in all of the praises that we will be sending their way. However, this decision was extremely difficult and I realized that Florida has more bagel places than I was aware of in our sunshine state. I am proud to say that we know how to make a great bagel! They may say that the New York bagels taste so good because of the water, but Florida bagels taste great because of the sunshine!

Stay tuned for our featured articles on our winners. We thank you for joining us on this bagel adventure and we invite you to jump off of one crazy wagon and join another because we have to pick the best pizza in Florida for the month of June.

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