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DAY 5: Eating My Way Through NYC - "Spice Symphony"

It was day 5, our final night, and our eating journey through New York City had its ups and downs. Some days, the food took us on a ride that we would never forget and other days, the food was good enough to satisfy our hunger. However, I can honestly say that we never had a horrible meal in New York City, and I can definitely see why it is considered the food capital of the world. Since it was our last night, we knew we had to end it with a bang. We were waiting to try “Spice Symphony” all week because of its raving reviews and my husband’s love of Indian food. “Spice Symphony” was a thirty-five minute walk from our hotel. We could of hailed a taxi or booked an Uber. However, we decided to do it the New York way. We relied on our two little feet and walked. I loved seeing the sights of New York, marching through the streets with the people of New York, and thinking of how high the numbers on my Fitbit would soar to for the day.

When we finally arrived at the restaurant, it was small in size and you had to step down into this contemporary Indian restaurant and provide them with the name from your reservation. I felt like we were a part of a small elite club and just provided our password for this Indian paradise.

The menu is quite extensive. It offers a wide variety of Indian food, including Indian Chinese, Indian barbeque, and vegetarian meals. Don’t worry, the servers are helpful in explaining each dish and helping you find something to meet your preference. We started off with the garlic naan.

It is delicious! It’s served hot and melts in your mouth. It was a perfect companion to each dish. I think that you could eat the naan with any meal and it would immediately taste better. We ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala. The Chicken Tikka Masala was absolutely perfect! I’ve been to many Indian restaurants, but “Spice Symphony” knows how to provide an authentic Indian meal. They make you feel like somebody’s grandmother is in the kitchen, but somehow served the food in a fresh and contemporary manner.

I didn’t enjoy my dessert as much as the rest of the meal. It wasn’t bad by any means, I just don’t think that I am a huge fan of Gulab Jamun. It’s an Indian version of donut rounds served in syrup. Maybe I can try a different dessert on my next visit. Trust me, there will be a “next visit.”

Extra information: You must make a reservation to avoid waiting. This restaurant is too small and the food is too good, for you to expect to walk in without a wait. Don’t feel pressure to hurry up and finish your meal as the customers stand at the door and stare. They’re just jealous because you’re eating and they’re not. Take your time, this food is worth enjoying.

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! I would walk even further for a piece of this Indian bliss!

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