• Lisa Marie

Broccolini Cafe: Home Sweet Home

Some restaurants claim to make your feel like you’re eating your mother’s cooking. However, Broccolini goes one step further! The food is heartfelt and the restaurant is decorated like you’re eating dinner in your mother’s dining room. The restaurant is small, but the food makes up for it in a big way!

This cafe was birthed in Sarasota and New Jersey, and is now nestled in a plaza in Cooper City, FL. It can be easily missed if you haven’t been told about it. Upon entering the restaurant, there is a tight entryway of people entering and leaving. Don't get discouraged, keep thinking that there is great food ahead. The restaurant is very small by Florida standards, especially with the amount of tables placed in this cozy space. However, this establishment's intimate space provides a dining experience that you won’t forget.

You’re usually seated by a very friendly host, she is an older woman and has become a staple at the restaurant. I have even asked if she is one of the owners because her hospitality and charm makes you feel like you have just walked into her home.

The food is absolutely amazing! It is rich and hearty, and taste truly authentic. The caesar salad is pretty good. As you look around the room and see everyone’s meals coming out, you’ll be tempted to change your order several times. However, I always end up with the shrimp penne a la vodka because it’s absolutely perfect in every way! I really don’t think that you can pick a bad dish here. However, my husband thinks that their fish entrees are the least desirable of their choices. I’ve been told that the desserts are pretty good by a few of my friends. However, to be honest, I’m usually too full to make it to dessert.

I've gone as a couple and with friends, and I always have a great time! It can be a very romantic dinner for two or a great dinner among a small group of friends. Remember that you must make a reservation for larger groups during peak business hours.

Extra information: The price is a little higher than other casual Italian restaurants, but they provide you with a lot of food. There is no outdoor seating. They are not open on Mondays and have selective business hours during the week, so make sure to check the hours of operation before heading over for a bite to eat.

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! It’s on my top 10 list for Italian food.

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