• Lisa Marie

Ode To My College Sweetheart

I was so young, with the world in front of me

So many memories cross my mind of you as I lie here and reflect about my past

I remember when I first laid eyes on you

There were so many choices to choose from

But I chose you

You stood there, innocently

With your large frame and open arms

I didn’t know what hold you had over me

For I always wanted to see you

As I worked in McCollum Hall, along Tennessee Street

I gazed out the window, staring in your direction

Wondering if you were thinking of me

It was a bittersweet love

You whispered sweet nothings …

as sweet as chocolate cookies and bitter truths as sour as your dough

You stayed by my side throughout my college years,

celebrating all of my highs and lows

I even remember when I took my parents to meet you

They weren’t as impressed as I was

For I had told them about you for years

They didn’t understand our love

Now years later, I still think of you

When I went looking for you, I heard that you are no longer there.

Schlotzsky’s how could you have closed!

You are just a memory

Ode to my college sweetheart

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